How Old is Denji Chainsaw Man? Did Denji And Himeno Do It? Who Does Denji End Up With? Does Himeno Die In Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man Anime Info

Tatsuki Fujimoto is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Chainsaw Man. The first installment ran in Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from December 2018 to December 2020, and the second part started running in Shueisha’s web magazine Shunen Jump+ in July 2022. By October 2022, its chapters were gathered in 12 tankbon volumes. The plot of Chainsaw Man centers on Denji, a poor young man who enters into a contract to have his body fused with that of Pochita, a devil that resembles a dog, giving him the power to turn specific body parts into chainsaws. Denji eventually joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, an organization of the government tasked with eradicating demons anytime they pose a threat to Japan.

How Old Is Denji Chainsaw Man?

Denji’s age at the start of the Chainsaw Man narrative is known to be sixteen. He grew older as the plot developed, and as of Chapter 79, he is now 17 years old. So Denji was 16 years old in Chainsaw Man from Chapter 1 to Chapter 79. Denji’s age in the series as of Chapter 80 is 17, which is his present age.

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Did Denji And Himeno Do It?

Himeno begins undressing Denji after he consents to have sexual relations with her. However, as she starts to remove his pants, she discovers a Chupa-Chups Lollipop in his pocket.

Denji is shown in a fugue in a memory from the restaurant following the vomit kiss. He is taken outdoors by Makima, who also buys him several medications to treat his ill feelings.

Denji is upset and remarks on how bad his first kiss was, worrying that all subsequent kisses will make him feel sick. Makima offers him a Cola Lollipop while sucking on one, telling him it will be his first “indirect kiss” and to focus on the taste of the candy instead.

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Himeno has fallen asleep in the present, and Denji won’t go to bed with her. Denji says he wants to lose his virginity to Makima and apologies to Pochita for not sleeping with Himeno. Himeno cheerfully offers him breakfast when he awakens in the morning.

Who Does Denji End Up With?

As of the time of this writing, Denji did not meet anyone in Chainsaw Man. Although Denji had a lot of prospective love interests, none of them ended happily. It’s good to know that Denji’s options are still open. The manga is still being written, after all. In the future, Denji will have the chance to live and die happily in the arms of a lovely woman.

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What Happened in the 8th Episode of Chainsaw Man?

In episode eight, assassinations are carried out nationwide on trains, sidewalks, and cafes by an unidentified group of people posing as citizens to assault the Public Safety Division’s Devil Hunters.

In a fourth-floor café where Denji, Aki, Power, and Himeno are having lunch, a man in a black suit starts to discuss how consuming costly food as a youngster damages your taste as an adult and causes food depression. He then pulls out a gun, claims the Gun Devil is looking for Denji’s heart and shoots Denji in the skull and Himeno in the chest.


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Does Himeno Die In Chainsaw Man?

Aki successfully uses Kon to devour the attacker, but two additional assailants a Katana and a Snake who have Devil contracts suddenly emerge and resume their assault. The Fox Devil is easily vanquished as the conflict takes a dark turn; Power is unable to keep up with some of their maneuvers, which compels Himeno to make one last decision in order to preserve Aki. Then Himeno elaborates on her agreement with the Ghost Devil, stating that she is prepared to sacrifice all in order for the Ghost to possess the strength to repel these two would-be assailants. Himeno’s body starts to disintegrate limb by limb as the Ghost Devil reveals its true identity. Only Himeno’s clothing and eyepatch remain after the Snake Devil devours the Ghost Devil. Although Himeno is declared dead by the conclusion of Chainsaw Man episode 8, she technically makes several flashback appearances throughout the whole anime series.


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You can view the scene here- Aki Fight Scene

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