How To Level Up Guns Fast In Warzone, How To Level Up Guns Fast In MW2?

Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is the year of 2009 first-person shooter game designed by Infinity Ward and printed by Activision. It is the sixth installment in the Call of Duty series and the uncultivated sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It was discharged worldwide on November 10, 2009, for Microsoft Windows, the PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. In addition, a separate version of the Nintendo DS, titled Modern Warfare: Mobilized, was even fired on that day. 

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How To Level Up Guns Fast In Warzone?

The main reason is that weapons take far too extended to level up. Typically, the best weapon builds demand that you unlock high-level attachments, which takes many hours of gameplay. Then, when you eventually reach max level, Raven Software has a habit of nerfing the weapon, compelling you to repeat the cycle repeats with a new gun. However, you can use several XP farming methods to reach the max level quickly. Below are four practical ways to earn weapon XP in Warzone.

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Use The Pointman Perk To Earn More Weapon XP

One method that should be discussed is using the Pointman perk to stack up on XP. On its own, the bonus assists you and your team with more cash, XP, and weapon XP. Yet, the multiplier stacks across all your teammates, so if individually of you run this perk, you’ll gain four times the weapon XP for each completed contract. If you stack this with the multiplier gained from each later achieved mission and a weapon XP token, you’ll reach the max level in no time.

Complete Supply Run Contracts On Rebirth Island

Supply Run arrangements are also present on Rebirth Island. Considering the map size, you can fast complete contracts, specifically if you have a cooperative team. On Rebirth Island, you can speed items up by helicopter, making you an effortless target. Play it by ear, and hopefully, you’ll get blessed with the Supply Run spawns. Sometimes, the objective will seem right next to you, while others will send you across the map. Either way, prioritizing these contracts on Rebirth Island will fast bump you up several levels per game, mainly if you use an XP token ahead of time.

Complete Supply Run Contracts In Plunder

The primary method of gaining weapon XP on Caldera is to hop into a Plunder match to finish Supply Run contracts. The best pattern is to have at least one player enter you in a helicopter as you fly about to each destination. Have your teammate hop out while you land the aircraft and carry on to the next one. The more you satisfy, the more XP you’ll earn, as you gain a multiplier for each agreement you finish. This can be useful if you have a teammate who knows what they’re accomplishing. But given Caldera’s enormous size, you might get unlucky with Supply Run generates or get shot down. Overall, this approach works well enough, but there are a lot of opportunities for error, so it could be more consistent. Still, this can be a decent source of XP if you can get on track to finishing back-to-back contracts. Make sure you are provided with the weapon you want to level up!

Play Each Respective Game’s Multiplayer Mode

Each current Call of Duty game, including Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard, has a playlist on short, fast-paced maps. These can be especially useful on your hunt for weapon XP, especially if you’re a skilled player. For example, modern Warfare has Shipment and Shoothouse, Cold War has Nuketown, and Vanguard includes Das Haus (and Shipment), so you can quickly rack up dozens of kills to earn XP. But, of course, the most significant issue is that you must own each game separately to use this method, so if you don’t want to spend money, you’ll require to utilize other ways to earn XP.


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How To Level Up Guns Fast In MW2?

How to rank up guns fast is a question several Call of Duty players ask. A sometimes tedious task, unlocking attachments can take a while. However, by reaching the highest weapon level in Modern Warfare 2, you have access to every branch in the Gunsmith, which is hugely important in creating the best loadout. You earn weapon XP in Modern Warfare 2 by using the gun during matches. By scoring eliminations and headshots, the XP bar fills. If the process is too time-consuming, a few tips speed up the process. The best way to prove famous involves decoy grenades and the Kill Confirmed game mode. Throwing decoys near the action Earns a surprisingly high amount of weapon XP in addition to collecting the dog tags. This method works through weapon levels and unlocks camos as quickly as possible. The second way to rank up guns quickly involves making the most of double XP weekends. These events often include several days of double weapon XP, making them perfect times to rank up the entire arsenal, even the weapons that aren’t proving popular.

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How To Level Up Guns Fast In Warzone Without Multiplayer?

Up your guns in the fastest way possible there are a couple of things you should do check first if you have any double experience tokens you’re going to want to use before you do these methods that I’m about to show you don’t waste your double experience tokens when you’re just playing a game of warzone Because you’re not going to be able to guarantee a large amount of experience on the weapons that you want to rank also it’s a bit obvious but make sure you’ve got the weapons you want to rank up in the first loadout slot and don’t pop the double experience token until you’ve started the match, so the first way to rank up your weapons in the fastest possible way.

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