Humble and Learned: Nombulelo Mhlongo ‘Nurse Sne’ from Durban Gen’s education qualifications impress Mzansi

South African actress Nombulelo Mhlongo who takes on the role of Sne in Durban Gen, has been the talk of social media after the second season finale was aired yesterday. The actress wowed Mzansi with her acting skills and had fans feeling her character’s pain because of her talented delivery. This has led most fans of the medical show to question Nombulelo Mhlongo’s education qualifications to explain how good of an actress she is.

Nombulelo Mhlongo as Sne in Durban Gen

Nombulelo Mhlongo plays the role of Nurse Sne in Durban Gen, who was a victim of Gender-Based Violence at the hands of her husband. For the past few months, Sne has suffered at the hands of her manipulative husband, Dr Dhlomo but she drew the line when she was beaten to a pulp and suffered a miscarriage.

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Dr Dhlomo and Sne from Durban Gen
Dr Dhlomo and Sne from Durban Gen-Image Source(Instagram/NombuleloMhlongo)

After Dhlomo was arrested but then released on bail Sne’s absolute nightmare began as he returned to their house. The Stokvel ladies came and chased Dhlomo out, protecting Sne even at work, but he caught her alone in their lunch room. Knowing that she could not escape from Dhlomo, Sne attempted to commit suicide by jumping from the hospital roof before Mbali stopped her. A fight between her and Dhlomo erupted after he overheard her saying the child she was carrying was not his. Sne grabs a gun from Thulani and shoots Dhlomo to death.

Nombulelo Mhlongo’s educational qualifications

The actress is an actress by profession, and she pursued her education to be a performer. She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts with a degree in Acting. However, she did not stop nurturing her talent and passion as she joined Market Theatre, learning and hosting teaching classes. She is qualified enough to run an educational space called Pan African Arts Space, where she teaches everything about performing, from writing to music and drama.

Nombulelo Mhlongo
Nombulelo Mhlongo-Image Source(Instagram/Nombulelo Mhlongo)

Her theatre and Television acting career

Nombulelo Mhlongo has seven years of perfoming in the bag as she started out doing perfomances on Stage plays and theatre. She is known for her performance as Mandisa in Nothing but the truth by John Kani. After that, she started landing roles on Television, with her first being in Skeem Saam as Cassandra Masemola, the Ifalakhe and Uzalo after that. Durban Gen is her first lead character and the one she is mainly known for now. Mhlongo got nominated for the Most Promising actress award in the Scream Award ceremony in 2021.

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