Hungani Ndlovu And Stephanie Sandows Announce Their Pregnancy

Hungani Ndlovu And Stephanie Sandows Announce Their Pregnancy..  Just a month after letting the public in on their tragic experience of a miscarriage in 2020, actors Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu announced they are expecting their first child together.


Hungani Ndlovu And Stephanie Sandows Announce Their Pregnancy

The couple announced the news on social media. On their joint Instagram profile, the Ndlovus said they were “beyond thrilled and excited” to share the moment with their fans and followers.






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On his Instagram, Hungani praised God for being the “ultimate author” while Stephanie wrote, “and when the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen.”

In a video on their YouTube channelThe Ndlovus Uncut, the couple said they were excited about the pregnancy, adding that God’s grace manifested “like never before.”

“I’m excited; I’m nervous, I’m keen. I’m keen for us to be parents and enjoy this parenting thing,” Hungani said. “I’m very excited to also see how we’re going to be as parents together.”

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Stephanie, meanwhile, said while she shares a similar sentiment with her husband, she’s more “let’s see.”

“I’m just [like] let’s see how this new chapter unfolds. Yes, there’s the excitement, overwhelmed, and nerves. I’m just like, let’s see.”


Last month, Stephanie opened up about how a gynaecologist described the loss of their pregnancy as a “blighted ovum” (or anembryonic pregnancy) on their YouTube channel.

Mayo Clinic describes an anembryonic pregnancy as when an early embryo that either never develops or stops developing is resorbed and leaves an empty gestational sac.

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