“I haven’t spoken to him since 2009” Watch as Dr Sizwe Mpofu Walsh calls out AKA for abandoning his childhood friends after being famous

Dr Sizwe Mpofu Walsh called out AKA for abandoning his childhood friends after receiving fame. A video of his former friend Dr Mpofu Walsh has gone viral where he sat down to discuss the hurt he has been feeling from being abandoned by Forbes.

The Sizwe went into detail on how close they were and used to have sleepovers in each other’s houses and play video games.

He mentions that once AKA started to receive some attention and fame, he slowly moved away from being his old self to bring a celebrity.

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“The more famous he became, there more detached he became from that original group of friends.s”

Mpofu says that he first felt resentment when AKA started to outgrow their friendship, but he has now grown to feel sorry for him because he thinks that fame is hard when a person is young.

At this point, it is safe to say that AKA has gone beyond being famous and has become a superstar.

Walsh spoke about how fame changes and brings out the worst in people.

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The video attracted some of Megacy’s attention, and they left no stone unturned.

Firstly they felt there was no need for the Doctor to divulge this piece of information as they deemed it unnecessary and clout chasing.

AKA -Image Credit: Instagram/AKA

They felt that Walsh was acting bitter and refusing to allow the natural process of growing up to take place.

Dr Mpofu is known to many for his great work as an author, musician, activist, and Lecturer at Wits University.

Meanwhile, AKA has taken to his Social Media pages to thank his fans for supporting him and bringing his latest offering, Lemons Lemonade, to Gold status.

Forbes said he couldn’t hold it any longer and just had to share the news because he is just waiting for the RISA Certification and expecting to receive his Plaques sometime next week.


The musician wrote to his fans, who have flooded his timeline with congratulatory messages.
Forbes released the much-anticipated EP featuring the talented Nasty C a few weeks ago. The song was welcomed by his fan,s who felt vindicated after the 150 Bars attack from Big Zulu in August.

AKA hasn’t made any comment about Dr Walsh’s video yet.

Watch the video of Dr Sizwe Mpofu Walsh below:

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