Ibrahim Suleiman celebrates his first son’s birthday

Ibrahim Suleiman celebrates his first son’s birthday

Ibrahim Suleima
Ibrahim Suleiman celebrates his first son’s birthday—

Ibrahim Suleiman turned to social media to honor his son’s first birthday and to share his happiness.

The star posted gorgeous images of his child on Instagram and said in the caption that his baby is a constant reminder of all the times he questioned God.

The star repeated the significance of the names he offered his child and said that he and his wife are conscious of and thankful for their son, who has been a source of blessing for them.

Suleiman lavished his kid with prayers and said that he normally has words but is overcome with pleasure.

He wrote:

Just Look At This Prince.
I mean, look at him.
Everyday I look at him, I am reminded of all the times I doubted God and He chastised me with His mercy. God is gracious (Keon) And by Faith, He abides with Us (Iman)
Your names are a regular confession and reassuring reminder.
@ihuomalindaejiofor and I are grateful for you, and we are aware of the blessings you came to us bearing.

God bless you, may your path shine ever brighter, may you know Him for yourself, and carry His word in your heart. May you learn to be kind and compassionate, thoughtful and bold. You are a man of character and righteousness. You will live a full, fulfilled and impactful long life, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!

Happy Birthday, My Sonshine.
You are loved. You are Love. We Love You.
I usually have the words, but today I am just so overwhelmed with Joy.


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