In Pictures: A look inside Melusi Mbele ‘Jojo’ from Scandal’s traditional wedding

South African Actor Melusi Mbele has found himself trending this weekend after he went and took the dip in love by marrying his longtime girlfriend. Many of his fans believed that he was married for a long time but got the surprise of their lifetime when his friends and family shared pictures from his wedding. The actor shared his love with his workmates, family and friends in a Zulu traditional wedding with his fiancee.

Melusi Mbele as Jojo in Scandal

The actor is famously known for his role in Scandal playing Jojo Kubeka as part of a seasoned cast who joined the show in 2021. The actor is married to Mbali played by Nolwazi Ngubeni who he recently discovered was lying to him about her life. After his family’s betrayal, the one from his wife cut him the deepest that he almost divorced her.

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Melusi as Jojo Kubeka
Melusi as Jojo Kubeka-Image Source(Instagram/Melusi Mbele)

Jojo is trying to make things work with Mbali while she lies to him and uses her sister to cover up her lies. In the drama series, Melusi plays the married man who tries hard to do good for his family. This is despite everything they put him through.

Melusi Mbele’s traditional wedding

Nolwazi Ngubeni took to her Instagram to show what she got up to on Heritage day in pictures. The actress said in her caption that she spent the day celebrating love with the Mbeles together with her husband. The wedding was in Durban at a venue close to the beach in a classy and simple ceremony.

Melusi Mbele wedding
Melusi Mbele wedding-Image Source (Instagram/MelusiMbele)

The couple was dressed in black and white Zulu attires that were matching and beautiful. His bride is called Andiswa Maqungu and she is not in the entertainment industry. According to their Instagram they have been dating for years. She was in a white long dress with black stripes at the bottom at the heels. Melusi on the other hand was wearing a black shirt with white on the shoulders and other white stripes on the collar and along the button line.

Melusi Mbele wedding
Melusi Mbele wedding-Image Source (Instagram/MelusiMbele)

Some of the guests and dancers at the wedding were dressed in traditional Zulu outfits with spears as accessories. The crowd was singing along to the songs as they watched the couple say their vows and celebrate. His fans are in the comment section and congratulated the actor on his marriage and wedding celebrations.

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