Inside Shimza and Mmusi Maimane heated twar over R15m stadium

Inside Shimza and Mmusi Maimane heated twar over R15m stadium…  Shimza and politician Mmusi Maimane were all over social media yesterday as the two got into a heated twar which got very personal.

Inside Shimza and Mmusi Maimane heated twar over R15m stadium
Inside Shimza and Mmusi Maimane heated twar over R15m stadium—–


This is coming after the star defended his rumoured girlfriend, Athi Geleba, who is the Head of Digital Communications in The Presidency.

The R15 million stadium saga sparked controversy and tweeps wanted answers as to how could a visibly low budget stadium cost that much money.

Floyd Shivambu, EFF member encouraged voters to make the right decision after the stadium in the Eastern Cape got revealed.

“An ANC Municipality in the Eastern Cape, Enoch Mgijima has opened what they call a stadium… R15 MILLION was paid to build this thing & they are proud of it. The people of South Africa must vote these people out of power because they have no shame. None whatsoever! R15m for this?” slammed Floyd.

In response to politician Floyd Shivambu who questioned the quality of the stadium, Athi Geleba tried to justify how the funds were used by listing all the things the stadium supposedly has.


Athi in her defense, said she was only relaying the information handed out to her, “That is what they issued as cost driver’s first the facility, I’m not justifying, I am merely sharing information. I am not in an informed position to make that determination. Difference,” she tweeted.

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Due to this, Shimza decided to defend his woman and the government.

He said, “Aowa” expressing his shock.

Then Athi responded to a tweep who said she should defend the government in public but disagree with it in private.

She replied, “Can we put up a united front please. Thank you.”

But Shimza stood firm to his disapproval and said he “Can never defend this nonsense. Soze!” 

Mmusi Maimane then dragged Shimza into the conversation and said, “Even Shimza can’t spin these turntables.”

Things got complicated as at first it seemed as though they agreed with each other that the stadium does not look as though it cost R15 million.

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Shimza however believed the engineers and construction workers who said it is possible that it could cost that amount. “This one aikhona, I’m seeing a lot of engineers and people who work in construction saying it’s actually possible but people must account for clarity.”

Then Maimane said he is an experienced construction worker but the maths does not add up, “I understand why you have to soften the blow. From my experience this project definitely did not come close to R15 million.”

Shimza then had to dig even deeper by asking him if he works in construction and then from there, things took a left turn,

Check out their twar below:


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