Is Metin2 Server Down? How To Check Metin2 Server Status?

is metin2 server down how to check metin2 server status


Ymir Entertainment developed the Metin2, a popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing video Game (MMORPG) that was initially released in Korea in 2004. It has since been published in many European countries and the United States by Gameforge 4D GmbH. Other versions also exist in Asian languages.

Is Metin2 Server Down?

Is Metin2 Server Down? is the question that has been prevailing in the minds of many. If you are among those, here is the information in this section. Cannot connect to metin2.Check the issue below to see if it’s down for everyone else or just you. The metin2 server may be down if it’s not working.

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How To Check Metin2 Server Status?

If metin2 is down, then you can resolve the issue by doing the following:

  • Wait for the site to proceed again.

  • Post an inquiry on its platform, Twitter or Facebook Page.

  • Search here for a choice.

If metin2 is working right now for you, then try its alternatives.

  • Refresh your browser.

  • Switch off your modem, and after resuming your system, turn it on again. 

  • Clear internet cookies and browser cache.

  • Your firewall may have blocked metin2.

  • Temporarily disable your anti-virus or firewall running in the background. 

Source: issitedownrightnow

Metin2 P Server

An essential factor why p-servers have earned so much popularity is that the official Metin2 is moving faster into the “Pay2Win” track. At the same time, it is only feasible on the official Metin2 server to be the best by investing a lot of money. P-servers offer an item shop where the players can get coins for real money to buy game items, which is usually much more affordable than the official Metin2 server. Usually, item shop items are also available in the game by farming. The advantage of P-servers’ admins is the space to do what is most suitable for the server. Game adjustments, new methods, or events can be added to the game anytime, keeping the entire server climate at the highest level. 

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Metin2 Gameplay

Experience points are gained every time the player kills opponents or completes a mission from an NPC. The game’s action is based on a Hack and slash system. Players can also assemble groups of creatures and land basic attacks and skills on each while simultaneously attacking the character. The game has several player character classes; all classes have 2 different skills they can use, which can also be upgraded. Many maps, monsters, semi-humans, metin stones, armor, weapons, and accessories exist. Some Metins even have pets and different types of mounts. The currency in the game is Yang, used to purchase items from the different NPCs. Players can utilize this to trade with other players or their shop. Players can also make their guild of fighters, and guilds can have wars with each other.

  • Metin2 Server Status

  • Metin2 P Server

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