‘I’ve been silenced’: Unathi speaks out on Sizwe Dhlomo row after Kaya axe

Unathi speaks out on Sizwe Dhlomo row after Kaya axe…  Since the Kaya FM scandal after former midday host Unathi Nkayi was fired, people have only heard the sides of the radio station and her former colleague Sizwe Dhlomo.

Unathi speaks out on Sizwe Dhlomo row after Kaya axe
Unathi speaks out on Sizwe Dhlomo row after Kaya axe—-

Releasing her statement on Friday via Instagram on video, Unathi claimed the radio station was trying to silence her after she received a letter saying she could not speak on the matter because of contractual agreements as freelancers.

Unathi was fired with immediate effect after an argument between her and Dhlomo, resulting in the station siding with the Afternoon Drive host on what occurred in the disagreement. According to Kaya and Sizwe, her verbal abuse allegations were found wanting after the studio microphones picked up the entire argument on audio.

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“I was specifically told that I can not use my platform to share my versions of events. The only matter that I will address, because it is very important to me, is the theme of GBV [gender-based violence] that keeps on coming up.

“This all started when Sizwe made reference to GBV in South Africa in one of his many posts about me. But GBV had nothing to do with the matter. I never alleged at any time that Sizwe committed any act of gender-based violence against me.

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“Sizwe knows this, Kaya knows this,” Unathi said.

In her second video, she says she and Sizwe laid complaints against each other in writing.


Unathi then revealed that had since decided to hand the matter against Kaya over to her attorney.

Unathi says she was unhappy with the narrative that she may have used the issue of GBV against Sizwe, including that the station nor Sizwe tried to stop or correct this narrative.

“In closing, Sizwe and I are not friends. I decided to distance myself from him the day he decided it was okay to say on air that my marriage failed because of the way I allow my children to prepare umphokoqo eyakho.”

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It can be assumed that Sizwe meant this in a joking manner, meaning that Unathi shouldn’t allow her kids to prepare the traditional dish, uphuthu in isiZulu and in isiXhosa umphokoqo, the way they do.

The dish is a finer-texture of pap made from maize meal and enjoyed with amasi (sour milk). Sizwe was quick to poke fun at this.


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