Jason Mantzoukas will play Tommy Lee’s penis in Pam & Tommy

Jason Mantzoukas will play Tommy Lee’s penis in Pam & Tommy..  Comedy actor and recognisable voice actor Jason Mantzoukas is apparently going to voice Tommy Lee’s penis in the upcoming Pam & Tommy mini-series coming to Hulu and Disney+, because why not?
Jason Mantzoukas will play Tommy Lee's penis in Pam & Tommy
Jason Mantzoukas will play Tommy Lee’s penis in Pam & Tommy—-

As reported by Variety, the 49-year-old Brooklyn Nine-Nine star will provide the voiceover for Tommy Lee’s appendage – with the rest of him being played by Sebastian Stan – during a scene in the series where Tommy has a “heart-to-heart talk with his penis.”

While this might sound like a rather bizarre inclusion by the scriptwriters and directors, it is actually inspired by a genuine passage the Mötley Crüe drummer wrote in his own memoir, Tommyland, as he wonders whether he’s falling in love with Pamela Anderson. How deeply romantic and moving.

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As for Mantzoukas, he has done plenty of voice acting in recent years, playing one of the main characters in Netflix’s animated and sexually charged teen comedy Big Mouth, so this clearly just felt like a natural next step for him.

Mantzoukas is renowned for his whacky comic sensibilities, having done improv for years (performing at comedy icon generator The Groundlings among many other productions) and appearing in the likes of The Dictator, Dirty Grandpa and more.

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However, he is arguably best known for playing Adrian Pimento in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the crazed, amnesia-ridden detective who was undercover for 12 years and takes some time to readjust to normal life.

As for the series itself, there is already plenty of talk surrounding Stan and co-star Lily James who is playing Anderson, and their recreation of the couple’s iconic sex tape.

Pam & Tommy drops on February 2 and we look forward to a totally normal interlude where a man speaks to his penis.

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