Johannesburg Speed Camera Debacle Is ‘Totally Ludicrous’, Says The AA

Johannesburg Speed Camera Debacle Is ‘Totally Ludicrous’, Says The AA..  News on Thursday morning that  speed enforcement cameras, including handheld speed enforcement devices, in Johannesburg have been inoperative since May 31 2021 is “shocking and distressing”.


The AA says an investigation must be launched immediately to determine who should be held accountable for this “gross negligence” and disciplinary steps against the individual or individuals involved should commence urgently.

“We live in a country with one of the highest per capita road deaths in the world. Effective traffic law enforcement (along with proper prosecution of offenders) remains critical to deal effectively with this situation. While the fact that the speed cameras aren’t working is bad enough, this ridiculous turn of events sends a message that the Johannesburg metropolitan police department (JMPD) is not taking traffic law enforcement seriously,” said the AA.

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It noted that the contract for the supply of the cameras and processing the fines ended on May 31 2021.

“Surely someone in the JMPD must carry the responsibility to flag these deadlines well in advance of their expiry dates with a view to either renewing the contracts or securing new suppliers.

“Instead, that process is only getting under way now which may result in even further delays in getting cameras operational again. It’s a totally ludicrous situation and the JMPD should hang its collective head in shame,” said the AA.

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