Johnny Depp Wanted Amber Heard Nude Photos To Be Submitted As Evidence

Johnny Depp Wanted Amber Heard Nude Photos To Be Submitted As Evidence..  Johnny Depp allegedly wanted to use nude photos of Amber Heard as evidence in their defamation trial.


Johnny Depp Wanted Amber Heard Nude Photos To Be Submitted As Evidence


The former couple’s personal lives were recently under scrutiny during the six week court case – which saw the ‘Aquaman’ actress ordered to pay her ex-husband $10.35 million in compensatory and punative damages after a jury in Virginia ruled she had defamed him when she wrote an article in 2018 about being a victim of domestic abuse, while she was awarded $2 million in compensatory damages – but recently unsealed pre-trial court documents have laid bare further details that were not aired in court.

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Amber’s team had tried to suggest the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star took medication for erectile dysfunction, while the 59-year-old actor’s lawyers were keen to avoid their client’s text exchanges with Marilyn Manson being aired in court.

The 36-year-old actress’ lawyers claimed Johnny tried to “inappropriately” submit nude photos into evidence.

They stated in a motion: “Mr. Depp inappropriately seeks to introduce evidence of the following Irrelevant Personal Matters.”

They added: “[Mr. Depp is] attempting to frivolously and maliciously suggest or imply that Ms. Heard was at one time an escort.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Black Mass’ star’s team argued against Amber’s legal team’s bid to submit portions of his medical records as evidence.

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According to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, his lawyers claimed: “[Ms. Heard] wants a circus, and clearly intends to take this trial down a number of unnecessarily salacious rabbit holes, including and especially with respect to Mr. Depp’s medical history.”

The documents stated the ‘Danish Girl’ actress submitted a medication list into evidence that included “Nexium, Cialis and Valtrex” and Johnny’s lawyers stated Amber claimed her ex-husband suffered “erectile dysfunction” and she “suggested that that might somehow be a motivation for abuse”, but they felt she was just trying to embarrass him in court.

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Vulgar and threatening texts were not allowed into evidence, with Johnny’s lawyer specifically seeking to exclude correspondence between their client and Marilyn Manson – who has been accused of abuse by multiple women” because they were concerned they could “smear Mr. Depp under a guilty by association theory”.

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