Laguna Beach Season 3 Where Are They Now? Know Everything About Laguna Beach Season 3 Cast Now

laguna beach season 3 where are they now know everything about laguna beach season 3 cast now

Laguna Beach Season 3

Laguna Beach, known as The Real Orange County, is a famous American reality television series aired from September 28, 2004, on MTV until November 15, 2006. The sequence aired for three seasons and was predominantly concentrated on the personal lives of several scholars attending Laguna Beach High School. Its premise originated with Liz Gateley, while Tony DiSanto functioned as the organizational producer. The third season of the Laguna Beach sequel consisted of 16 episodes and was aired on MTV. Tony DiSanto was the executive producer.  

Laguna Beach Season 3 Where Are They Now?

Laguna Beach focuses on the lives of wealthy teenagers from Laguna Beach, California. However, Conrad, Cavallari, Colletti, and Bosworth are still relatively well-known to each other, and the rest of the cast members have resumed everyday life. The reality show mainly focused on the personal lives of the high schoolers of the cast Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Stephen Colletti, Lo Bosworth, and more. In the first season as the narrator, Conrad’s main storyline focuses on the love triangle between Cavallari and Colletti. In season 2, after Conrad went to college, Cavallari took the lead as the narrator. When her season ended, she introduced a new group. 

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Laguna Beach Season 3 Cast 

1Lauren Conrad
2Lo Bosworth
3Stephen Colletti
4Morgan Olsen
5Trey Phillips
6Christina Schuller
7Kristin Cavallari 
8Talan Torriero
9Jason Wahler
10Taylor Cole,
11Alex Murrel
12Jessica Smith
13Cameron Brinkman
14Tessa Keller
15 Breanna Conrad
16Lexie Contursi,
17Raquel Donatelli,
18Cami Edwards,
19Kelan Hurley,
20Chase Johnson

Laguna Beach Season 3 Cast Where Are They Now

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad, born on February 1, 1986, is an American television personality, fashion architect, and writer. After starring in the reality show The Hills, Conrad focused on her fashion career, launching LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown fashion lines. She published nine books and is married with two children.

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Elizabeth Cavallari, born January 5, 1987, is a well-known American television personality, fashion entrepreneur, and author. She has given her reality sequel to lead in Very Cavallari (2018–2020). She also made appearances as an actress in direct-to-video films and television shows. In 2017, Cavallari launched the company Uncommon James, which sells garments, homeware, and beauty products. In 2013, she married Jay Cutler, and the couple had three children. 

Stephen Colletti

Stephen Colletti was born on February 7, 1986. He is an American entertainer and television character. He depicted Chase Adams on The C.W. theater series One Tree Hill and emerged for two seasons on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. After Laguna Beach, Colletti focused on acting, which had a role in One Tree Hill from 2007 to 2012. He became a writer and producer and has also co-starred in Everyone is Doing Great with James Lafferty In 2018. Hulu picked up the series in 2021.

Jason Wahler

Jason Wahler was born in Laguna Beach, California, USA, in Jason Daniel Wahler on January 11, 1987. He is an entertainer known for 2 Dudes and a Dream (2009), The Hills: New Beginnings (2019), and Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (2004). He has been wedded to Ashley Slack since October 12, 2013. 

Dieter Schmitz

Dieter Schmitz lives in Washington and works for Lore Groups as an area general manager, helping to design hotels. In 2016, He got married. 

Trey Phillips

 Trey Phillips was born in Laguna Beach, California, USA, as Charles Trey Phillips on September 15, 1986. He is highly passionate about politics and activism. Trey has a non-profit community called Active Young America. He works for Vera Wang as a designer.  

Lo Bosworth

 An American former reality television personality Lauren Ogilvie “Lo” Bosworth, is the author, founder, and CEO of Love Wellness, a personal care product for women. Bosworth rose to reputation as the member of a character of Laguna Beach, which recorded the lives of her and her friends.

Talan Torriero

Talan Torriero was born in Orange, California, USA, on November 2, 1986, as Talan Christopher Torriero. He is an entertainer and producer. He married Danielle Torriero in July 2014, and they live in Nebraska with two kids. he works in digital marketing and is an actor. 

Jessica Smith

Cavallari’s former BFF lives in Texas with her spouse and four children. She handles an Amazon shop and a lifestyle website. Following her impression of Laguna Beach, Jessica Evans sank out of the spotlight and did not follow a career in film or television.

Christina Schuller

Christina Sinclair was born in Orange County, California, USA, on September 8, 1986, as Christina Michelle Schuller. She has been wedded to Chad Sinclair since August 21, 2011. She is a trained singer. Her father is a T.V. preacher. 

Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith is the CEO and founder of Minnow Swimwear; She lives in Laguna Beach with her husband and their two children.

Alex Murrel

“Alex M” married Kyle Johnson in 2014. They had two children. Mox, a consulting agency, was co-founded by her and still lives in Laguna Beach, Orange County.

Casey Reinhardt

Casey Reinhardt married Sean Brown in 2016, and they had two children. She owns her bakery, Casey’s Cupcakes, in Riverside, California, and Laguna Beach. In 2011 She won an episode of Cupcake Wars.

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole was born in Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas, on April 29, 1984. he is an American actress and a fashion model. Cole was subsequently locomoted to New York to promote her modeling profession. She has emerged in commercials and advertisements for Crest toothpaste, Old Spice, and Dooney & Bourke handbags. Cole is a holistic nutritionist and a photographer. She still lives with her two children in Laguna Beach, Orange County.

Alex Hooser

“Alex H,” known as Alex Hooser, whose real name is Lauren, is married and has two children. She also served as a bridesmaid at Murrell’s wedding.

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