“Leave Us Alone,” DJ Fresh To People Who Don’t Endorse Old DJs

DJ Fresh To People Who Don’t Endorse Old DJs..  DJ Fresh whose real name is Thato Sikwane speaks about how people react after knowing that he is an old DJ.


The radio star said some people find it weird that he is an old DJ, but he doesn’t care.


DJ Fresh To People Who Don’t Endorse Old DJs

Sharing a funny meme on Instagram, he asked those people to leave him and other old DJs alone.

Thato will be turning 50-year-old in October 2022, so, his post is quite valid.

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The DJ’s post attracted different comments, which include DJ Lamiez Holworthys’, who said that she understands his post as she will be turning 30 years old soon.

“Doesn’t help that I’m turning 30 in 2 weeks and in absolute denial!” she wrote.

Other reactions are:

“I’m 35 and thinking of going for DJing classes. Not as a career though, wanna give killer sets at family braais.”

“Over 30? Those are the best DJ’s.”

“Even if you are 170 years old I still picture you on decks, come out with a wheelchair with turntable wheels, speakers on the side. earphone come out slow mo out the side pocket.”


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