Look At The Tupac Shakur Photos That Caused Stir On Twitter, Reactions {Photos}

Look At The Tupac Shakur Photos That Caused Stir On Twitter.. Tupac Amaru Shakur was an American hip-hop rapper who was born on 16 June 1971 and reportedly died in 1996 on 13 September. Shakur was a well-known rapper in America and the best among others.


Look At The Tupac Shakur Photos That Caused Stir On Twitter


However, people didn’t get a chance to attend his funeral even though he was dead. This brought a lot of confusion to as whether Tupac Shakur died or not.

Tupac was reportedly shot and that was his death caused his body to be cremated then the ashes were given to his family. His parents were some political activists in New York City.

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@Juice: guy never died.. he still lives “Makaveli” rearrange those letters n pull out k n it gives you “am alive,”

@Sceving: I heard rumours that he woke up a few days after he was buried. When they opened is ca offin, it was empty. Feb a few years later, some people spotted him in Brazil.

@Ajayi: But to be very honest, Tupac took a whole lot of pictures for someone in the 1900s. Very very adorable.

@Dhey: It’s not about the picture quality. It’s the drip and poses. Check out 1996 pics of artists back then and compare them with Pacs’.

@Phislash: Niggas are getting hypertensive and theoretical in the replies section tryna educate us about cameras in the 90s in America, we know that shit, it’s obvious, We just happen to have a sense of humour, you could use some humour total terror.

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However, people are just bringing this up because of the HD-quality pictures that are being shared on Twitter almost every day. This makes it hard for people to admit that Tupac died in 1996.

@Leon: 1996 isn’t long ago, I know because I was an adult in 96, and the cameras were top-notch in the ’90s. People who were born in the 90s think that the 1990s is long ago but it’s not, I even remember Bob Mabena was still at Metro, he played Pac’s music on Friday of the.

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