Michael B Jordan Is Making Creed 3 More Int!mate, Says Jonathan Majors

Michael B Jordan Is Making Creed 3 More Int!mate, Says Jonathan Majors… Michael B Jordan has plans to bring Creed III in a new direction, making it more intimate, according to his movie co-star, Jonathan Majors.

Michael B Jordan Is Making Creed 3 More Int!mate, Says Jonathan Majors
Michael B Jordan Is Making Creed 3 More Int!mate, Says Jonathan Majors—-


Since 2015, Jordan has starred as Adonis Creed in the Rocky movie spin-off series, Creed, which became the seventh Rocky film to be produced.

In the first movie of the series, Creed, who is the son of Rocky’s famous rival, Apollo Creed, decides to enter into the world of lightweight boxing and enlists his father’s old rival, Rocky Balboa, to be his trainer.

In Creed II, the story continues, with Creed facing off against the son of Ivan Drago, who killed Apollo. The story is ultimately about familial reconciliation and honoring one’s father.

Although Creed and Creed II starred Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, it has been announced that Stallone will not be returning in Creed III.

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Following the release of Creed II, Stallone made a post on Instagram that indicated he was done playing the character for good.


With the departure of Stallone from the series, who directed four out of the six Rocky movies, there seems to be space for a new director to take the reins. And Michael B. Jordan has stepped up to do just that, making his directorial debut with Creed III.

As the director, it has been said that Jordan will be making some changes to the franchise, giving Creed III a more intimate feel. Jonathan Majors, the second lead of the film, spoke to NME and discussed Jordan’s vision for movie. Majors said he and Jordan have discussed the direction of Creed III at length and that the film may show a different side of Creed.

“Michael is really trying to do something different with this Creed. Something that’s a bit more intimate. With intimacy comes complexity. It’s he and I. It’s a story about these two men trying to work something out, and it’s very different from the others.”


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Majors is potentially referring to the specific relationship between his and Jordan’s character of Adonis Creed. Previous Creed films have focused on Creed and his relationship with his enemies solely in the ring.

Creed had mainly dealt with his problems by using his fists. In this newest sequel, it seems Jordan and Majors have come to an understanding that their two characters will exist outside the traditional enemy/hero dichotomy, with Majors saying he will be playing more than just a villain.

With the departure of Stallone’s Rocky, it seems the perfect time for the Creed series to take on a new direction. Jordan has said that Rocky’s spirit will always remain, but that the Creed franchise might eventually come to stand on its own, with its own stories and concepts.

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With Jordan behind the camera, bringing in fresh ideas and perspectives, it appears as if the series is well on its way to do just that.

And while not much is known so far about the plot of Creed III, it looks like it will be an interesting and fresh take on the beloved movies by the seasoned actor but freshman director.


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