Michael Bucwa ‘Mr Smeg’ Makes His Debut Appearance On Durban Gen

Michael Bucwa ‘Mr Smeg’ Makes His Debut Appearance On Durban Gen.. Michael Bucwa, popularly known as Mr Smeg on Twitter, has been logging headlines since his date with Pearl Thusi, which was labelled a National date and streamed online.


Michael Bucwa ‘Mr Smeg’ Makes His Debut Appearance On Durban Gen

After that, he just blew up as a social media sensation and has been wining and dining celebrities like Gigi Lamayne. With his rising fame came a debut acting gig on Durban Gen which was announced in May.

Today Mr Smeg has made his debut appearance on the show, and fans are here for it. Bhengu and Calvin have been running around all week looking for tickets to buy so that they can attend the men’s conference. After Bhengu stalked John, he finally got the tickets at a steep price. With the tickets, the two attend the men’s conference where the Key speaker is played by none other than Mr Smeg.


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At the conference, the speaker takes it upon himself to teach the young man how not to fall in love. Bhengu, who has been dating two sisters, is applauded after he asks a question on how to go about his dilemma.

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The speaker is there to give him advice on how to be a player and come out a winner without getting his heart involved. The conference is attended by men of all ages, especially young unmarried men.

Michael Bucwa has been known to post on Twitter, hyping up a lot of celebrities who are trending on Twitter. Whether one is being trolled or not, Mr Smeg is known to just post that the celebrity is beautiful.


In a shocking turn of events on Twitter, he asked Pearl Thusi out on a date, and she agreed. The two went out to an A-lister restaurant and went to the club. The date was termed a National date and gained a lot of views as they streamed it online.

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Recently some pictures surfaced that made people think he is now dating Gigi Lamayne. However, those rumours may be false, and the photos are from a music video for the rapper.

His newfound fame has worked positively for him as he is landing hosting jobs and working as a frequently booked DJ by bars. This character on Durban Gen may be the first of many, as many viewers have applauded his talent on the show.

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