Mihlali Ndamase opens up about her lip filler experience

Mihlali Ndamase opens up about her lip filler experience.. Mihlali Ndamase recently took to her YouTube channel to open up her lip filler experience.

Mihlali Ndamase opens up about her lip filler experience
Mihlali Ndamase opens up about her lip filler experience—–


This is coming months after social media users shared that the star might have done something on her lips but she turned deaf ears.

In the video she shared, Mihlali set the record straight she explained that her decision was not influenced by insecurities.

She said she just wanted to get the bridge that she always wanted.

She explained, “I honestly didn’t do them because of any insecurity about my lips or any insecurity about my face in actual fact I honestly just wanted to achieve a fuller lip but I wanted it naturally. I love the bridge on full lips and I wanted that bridge so I thought let me just go and buy this bridge.”

She said she paid over R5000 to get the lip bridge but the results were not what she had hoped for.

“I basically felt like my lips were botched and obviously quite a few people noticed. I mean you guys know how my face looks,” she said pouring her heart out on YouTube.

Making it clear that she does not blame the Dr. for the outcomes of her lip filling process, Mihlali said her lips were too big and the Dr. told her to give it at least 2 weeks but after that, she was still not satisfied.

Mihlali said she started panicking, and she then booked an appointment with another doctor to get her lips dissolved which gave her the bridge she desired but only on the one side of her lips.

She said she then went back to the first Dr. and the rest is history, she is happy with the shape of her lips at the moment.

The YouTuber said she was worried about her lips because she constantly has to be in front of the camera.

“I work with my face, I definitely can’t shoot content with these and expect people not to notice,” Mihlali said.

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