Multi-billionaire Bill Gates pens an emotional message to Trevor Noah upon leaving The Daily Show 

One of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates, left an emotional and shocking message to Trevor Noah after he announced his departure from The Daily Show. The South African comedian joined The Daily Show as a host and delivered beyond expectation. He had entertaining international and American political matters that made both himself and the show famous. Indeed, The Daily show shall never be the same without Trevoh Noah, and we can all agree that this is a big decision from himself.

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Undoubtedly, Trevor Noah had been trending across social media platforms after he was spotted kissing singer Dua Lipa. Trevor became the talk across social media, which was made even more as he announced that he was leaving The Daily Show. Across the world, fans are heartbroken by the sad news that Trevoh is going to The Daily Show role as a host. It was an emotional moment when Trevor spoke of his time on the show. It looked like yesterday, but it’s already been seven years since Trevor joined The Daily Show. Indeed, for many celebs, rich or poor, the news disturbed everyone who followed the show. Shockingly, among them was multi-billionaire Bill Gates who penned an emotional and encouraging message to Trevor Noah. What an honour to Trevor!

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Multi-billionaire Bill Gates pens an emotional message to Trevor Noah upon leaving The Daily Show 
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Multi-billionaire Bill Gates’s emotional message to Trevoh Noah upon leaving The Daily Show

Undoubtedly, Trevor’s time on The Daily Show was a wonderful time and opportunity as he got to associate with the world’s important people like Bill Gates. Trevor said that he didn’t understand how time flew for the past seven years he had been with the show. He spoke of their steps when he took the job and how such a gamble had paid off. When he joined, Trevor was a nobody on the international stage but just a mere comedian looking to establish himself. Taking such a person and putting him on The Daily Show was a severe gamble, but we all know what happened afterwards.

As Trevor bids farewell, Bill Gates had not much words for him but congratulatory words. He congratulated the thirty-eight-year-old comedian, and he is sure that this was only the start for Trevor Noah. Bill cherishes the great moments he had with Trevor off the show, like playing tennis together in Capetown. Now that Trevor is leaving The Daily Show, Bill Gates is enthusiastic about Trevor’s next move.

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