Murder Rate In Gauteng Increased By 45.2%

Murder Rate In Gauteng Increased By 45.2%…  About 1,403 people were murdered in Gauteng between January and March this year, increasing the provincial murder rate to 45.2%.


Murder Rate In Gauteng Increased By 45.2%


This is according to crime stats released by Gauteng police commissioner Lt Gen Elias Mawela during a crime statistics briefing held at the Randfontein Municipality Hall on Tuesday morning.

Mawela said 45.2% increase in murders amounts to 1,403 people killed during the period of January to March 2022. This is 437 more people murdered as compared to the same time during the previous year.


Mawela said most of the murders had come as a result of arguments, misunderstandings and road rage.

“The crime situation of the period under review is of the greatest concern and disappointment for us SAPS Gauteng and for the people of this province,” Mawela said.

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Violent contact crimes like assault and robbery accounted for 33% of all the crimes in the province with Johannesburg and Tshwane counted among the top troublesome districts.

Mawela said a number of reasons had caused an upsurge in crimes across the province including the lifting of Covid-19 lockdown regulations, community riots and the opening of liquor outlets for extended hours. He said the lockdowns had reduced the mobility of people which accounted for the lower crime rates during the same period last year.

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“We had anticipated when we were releasing the previous quarter crime statistics that “the honeymoon” period was over,” Mawela said.

Kidnapping also increased across all districts with 1,563 cases reported as compared to the same period in 2020/2021 when there were only 524 cases. Car and truck hijackings also increased. Sexual offences also increased with rape being reported the most at 2,921.

Mawela said going forward they would intensify their focus on the top 40 most troublesome stations. O Kae Molao Operations would also continue.

“Through established provincial government War Room we shall mobilise the whole of the government to address the root causes of crime and leverage on the improved Community Intelligence Networks for better crime prevention,” he said.

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