Natural Beauty: Miss Supranational Lalela Mswane’s photos without makeup set Mzansi on fire

South African beauty queen Lalela Mswane has shown again that she is a real beauty as she shows her bare face without makeup on her Instagram. The model who made South Africa proud by taking the Miss Supranational crown home a few weeks ago has people marvelling at her face again. Some are even questioning what she uses to make her clean, flawless, and look the same with or without makeup.

How Lalela Mswane became the most hated Miss South Africa

When Lalela Mswane won the Miss South Africa in 2021, she made history and made herself a household name instantly as people started following her. However, soon after winning the crown, it took a few weeks for her to be one of the most hated titleholders in the country. This is after she attended the Miss Universe pageant in Israel against Mzansi’s complaints, and even the government withdrew their support from her.

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Lalela Mswane
Lalela Mswane-Image Source(Instagram/Lalela Mswane)

She took home the 3rd runner-up crown, and many people laughed at the queen and were ready for her reign to end and forget about her. Some began calling her names and claiming she was not beautiful enough to be a Miss South Africa. Tables turned when Lalela went to the Miss Supranational pageant and won the title; Mzansi started being proud of her again for putting their country on the map.

Lalela Mswane without makeup

Lalela went from being someone shamed by the nation to being the pride of the country instantly. She handed over her Miss South Africa crown to the new reigning queen, with the nation proud of her reign so far. Lalela has taken to Instagram to prove all who called her ugly wrong as she shares pictures of her face without makeup and with her natural hair. Unlike most people, she looks the same with or without makeup which is a testament to her beauty and that she does not need makeup to enhance it.

Lalela Mswane without makeup
Lalela Mswane without makeup-Image Source(Instagram/Lalela Mswane)

Many people agree that the model looks like a goddess without makeup as they sing praises in her comment section. Celebrities like international star Thuso Mbedu have shared their compliments on Lalela’s beautiful skin and glow.

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