NBA 2K23 Getting Big MyTEAM Changes Along With a 3v3 Mode

The upcoming NBA 2K23 is making some big changes to its MyTEAM mode, including new cards, rewards, Triple Threat co-op mode, and new Prestige Tiers. Since 1999, the series has been going strong, with the visuals and gameplay improving with every iteration. 2K games have also announced that the annual $250,000 MyTeam Unlimited tournament will make a comeback.

The latest entry in the series, NBA 2K23, has the most realistic graphics in the sports video game industry. Using the latest technology, the series brings actual NBA stars to life like never before. The roster has both the men’s and women’s teams, with each player having shockingly real animations copied from their real-life counterparts, showing off their play-style in the game.

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NBA 2K23 Changes To The MyTEAM Experience

Some of the changes 2K has made to the game have been highly requested by fans, like the removal of contracts. But undoubtedly, the biggest addition has to be the new three-way co-op mode called Triple Threat. This will let players team up with friends and play 3v3 in party mode, co-op, and competitive online.


nba 2k23 my team 2k co-op mode

The new Prestige tiers will let players that have reached the top start all over and unlock even more rewards. The rewards range from season points with each victory that will help players advance tiers. Leaderboards have returned and will show statistics from friends and the player base at large. Players that reach the top 10 or complete all tiers for the season will earn a special icon next to their name.



MyTEAM Tournament

The MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament is returning on October 15. The best of the best will be physically brought in to decide the winners. Console champions will get $50,000, while Grand Champions will get $200,000.


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