Nnamdi Kanu: Buhari’s intimidation will not stop Biafra, Oduduwa Republic – MASSOB

Nnamdi Kanu: Buhari’s intimidation will not stop Biafra, Oduduwa Republic – MASSOB..  The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has condemned the re-arrest of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi kanu, by the Nigerian government.

Nnamdi Kanu Buhari’s intimidation will not stop Biafra, Oduduwa Republic MASSOB
Nnamdi Kanu: Buhari’s intimidation will not stop Biafra, Oduduwa Republic – MASSOB—-

The Biafra agitators, who described the Kanu’s arrest as inconsequential and insensitive, declared the development will not affect the Biafra struggle.

The organization stressed that no amount of President Muhamadu Buhari’s intimidating ‘fulanistic military operations against the agitators of Biafra and Oduduwa Republics will deter or shake the concluded resolutions for independence of Biafra and Oduduwa Republics.’

”Fulanistic President Muhamadu Buhari led Nigeria government is confusedly blind and clueless. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and activities of pro Biafra agitators do not pose any danger to Nigeria existence, the problem that poses a dangerous extinction to Nigeria existence is Fulani domination of Nigeria state over the general interest of other ethnic nationalities,” the group said.

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A statement by the leader, Uchenna Madu, said Kanu has proven to be a loved figurehead in championing the self-determination struggle for the actualization and restoration of Biafra.

”As freedom can never be achieved on a platter of gold, the Biafra revolutionary struggle for actualization and restoration can never be deterred or fluctuated because of Nnamdi kanu’s current ordeals in the hands of our oppressive enemy,” it said.

”Nigeria state will soon regret arresting him because he will become a thorn in their flesh. We shall never relent or be discomforted because of Buhari and his Fulanistic sponsored genocidal operations in Biafra land which MASSOB always see as a sign of jittery and frustration of Fulani people.”

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The organization maintained that Biafra agitating groups are not the problem.

”Biafra agitation is only a reaction to the many injustices, exclusion, second class citizenship, born to rule philosophy, marginalization and other forms of inequality that characterise the Nigerian state.

”Nigeria is a state where some are first class citizens while others are second class; a state where some are born to rule while others are perpetual outcasts, a state where state policy deliberately denies us critical developmental infrastructure while according others same, A state where prejudice, tribalism, exclusion and hate are elevated while nation-building is ignored, a state where it seems the only logic for unity is to share oil resources and not on the basis of consent, mutual respect, fraternity and shared brotherhood,” it said.

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MASSOB warned the Nigeria government to be extremely careful with Kanu adding that they must accord him a fair and unbiased court hearing.

”The people of Biafra will never keep quiet over Nnamdi kanu. MASSOB also condemned the military invasion and attack on Sunday Igboho’s residence which led to the killings of many. MASSOB supports and will continue to identify with Oduduwa Republic agitation,” it added.

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