Nope, The Simpsons did not predict Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

The Simpsons have done it again,” says a TikTok video, claiming the show predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

One video features an animated Her Majesty adjacent to a coffin with ‘1926 – 2022’ visible.

The clip also shows a sticker, superimposed in the background, that even displays the date Sept. 8, 2022, the day of the Queen’s death. Now you’re just trying too hard.

The most viral video featuring the image was posted on September 14 and has 23 million views. It shows a short clip from season 15, episode three of the show, titled “The Regina Monologues,” which first aired in 2003 and depicted Queen Elizabeth II putting Homer on trial after he crashes into her carriage with his car. Doh.

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Fact-checking website Misbar speculated that the image is a variation on an animated image of Donald Trump in a coffin, which went viral on Twitter in 2020.

No episode of The Simpsons ever included the dates of the Queen’s death, according to further fact-checking organisations including PolitiFact and Lead Stories.

Source: Variety, Insider


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