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Outcry As Mbalenhle Mavimbela ‘Hlomu’ From The Wife Leaves The Show.. Mbalenhle Mavimbela showed great talent when The Wife started showing as a series. The actress who took on the role of the beloved Hlomu was suited for the position and did a lot of justice to the story.

Outcry As Mbalenhle Mavimbela ‘Hlomu’ From The Wife Leaves The Show

Most viewers have come to love her as Hlomu, and even her acting career started growing because of the series.

Hlomu is the object of Mqhele, the third Zulu brother’s love interest, and she also finds herself drawn to the guy. Leaving her fiance of a long time, who is a doctor, she got married to Mqhele against her father’s wishes. It also happens that Mqhele’s younger brother had seen her first, and it became a full-blown war between the brothers. During the second season, she found herself being hated by her fellow sisters-in-law because the brothers listened to her.

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Today entertainment news commentator Phil Mpela announced that Mavimbela wouldn’t be coming back for the third season.

After two seasons of her dazzling the audience with her portrayal of Hlomu, she is bowing out. Reasons for her departure have not been made public, and fans can only speculate in their outcries.

Mbalenhle Mavimbela in The Wife

Many Tweeps did not receive the news well and are threatening to not watch the show at all in the coming season. Some fans are saying it will be weird to watch The Wife without Mbalenhle in it as she was the perfect Hlomu.

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Many fans say that the actress is pregnant, which is why she is quitting the show. They go on to say that they assumed that the show took a break because of her pregnancy. However, many fans are heartbroken to see their favourite actress leave the show and think whoever they replace her with has a bar too high to reach.


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