Patrollers In Honeydew Sort Out Pothole Problem

Patrollers In Honeydew Sort Out Pothole Problem..  After 12 cars experienced tyre bursts in less than 24 hours on Christiaan de Wet Drive in Roodepoort, the Honeydew Community Police Forum stepped in and fixed the situation.


“I got two calls from residents on Saturday morning to say ‘Look, you need to do something about this. There are seven cars with damaged wheels standing on the side of the road’,” Honeydew CPF spokesperson Mike Steyn told TimesLIVE.

He said two potholes had developed on Christiaan de Wet Drive, headed away from Clearwater Mall and in the direction of the Rinyani Road intersection. The massive holes saw at least five cars suffer damaged wheels on Friday night and then seven more on Saturday morning.

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Honeydew CPF patrollers and an off-duty police officer finish up repairing a giant pothole that saw 12 cars suffer bad wheel damage in less than 24 hours.

“I know the guys at Chamberlains in Honeydew so I called them up and asked them if this is something they might be interested in helping with and they just said ‘Mike, no question, come and get what you need’,” Steyn said, explaining how they got an immediate delivery of 11 25kg bags of cold tar dropped off at the pothole site.

They then put out cones and cordons to secure the area so that the repairs could be done quickly.

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“I put out the call on the network and three or four CPF patrollers pitched up to help and an off-duty police officer and we started cleaning out the biggest hole. It was a monster and it took nine bags to fill it,” Steyn said.

Having learnt from past experience with problematic potholes, he said they then made a fire over the cold tar to enable it to melt and settle into place. The remaining two bags of tar were used to fill a second, smaller hole a bit further up the road.

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“It took us about two hours, but we got the job done and now the road is safe again,” Steyn said.


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