Pictures: Gomora actress Mazet ‘Siphesihle Ndaba’ shows off her fine arms while hitting the gym

Gomora star Mazet ‘Siphesihle Ndaba’ has been hitting the gym recently, and she is out there showcasing what her arms look like. Siphesihle is one of the few Gomora youngsters concerned about how they look body-wise. With is Ntokozo is as well a gym monster, and for that reason, the young actors are close in real life. Most of the ladies in Gomora, like Katledgo Danke and Nandipa Khubone, are natural beauties with almost perfect bodies. They don’t require to go to the gym to look like angles.

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It seemed that whenever Mazet went silent about her gym workouts, she would be working on a new part of her body. Some months ago, Mazet had been working on her abs, and she showed them off. After showing off her abs, it became evident in Gomora as she started walking, and her abs could be seen. This time around, Mazet had been working her arms, and she had a lot to show for it. After showcasing her arms, fans are left wondering what else Mazet would be working on next.

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Gomora actress Mazet 'Siphesihle Ndaba' is hitting the gym and proud of her fine arms
Siphesihle Ndaba – Image Credit: instagram.com/ceecee_ndaba/

Gomora actress Mazet ‘Siphesihle Ndaba’ shows her arms in the gym.

Unlike many celebs who loe to the gym, Mazet doesn’t fancy sharing her workouts daily. Instead, she prefers to show the final products of the hard work she puts behind the scenes. Whenever she reaches a convincing milestone proved by results, that’s when Mazet shares her gym progress. For the past couple of months, Mazet had been working so hard. It’s just that she wasn’t majoring in muscle building but inside strength. This has ensured that her arms are not bulky but slim and muscular. What excellent work she had been putting in behind the scenes.

Indeed, Mazet’s dedication to hard work has left many fans cherishing her so much. Some even suggested that she may be the Connie Ferguson of this generation. It’s indeed too much of a task to compare any upcoming actress to Connie, given what she has achieved throughout her career. Connie is a bit out of this world, and it’s hard for one to understand where she gets her motivation.

The last time Mazet showed off her abs.

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