Qwabe Twins reveal the reason why they are preserving their virginity after getting praised by Mzansi

Virginia and Viggy, better known as the Qwabe twins, received a lot of praise for attending the Reed Dance on Saturday, September 17, and they disclosed the reason for keeping their virginity. In KwaZulu-Natal, at the Enyokeni Royal Palace in Nongoma, numerous virgins are drawn to the Reed Dance, which offers them the chance to develop self-confidence and encourage sexual abstinence. This year’s maidens at the ceremony, the Qwabe Twins, were praised for maintaining their virginity despite working in the entertainment business.

They posted a photo of themselves wearing stunning traditional attire on their Instagram. According to Viggy, they initially attended the Reed Dance for fun but later understood its significance. They had admitted that they started going to virginity tests when they were just ten years old. They were motivated to follow their older sister’s example because she used to do it. They were happy to accept it because it was their free will choice. At first, they were doing it for fun, but as they got older, they understood how important it was. At the age of 16, they then began going to the Reed Dance.

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Qwabe Twins at the Reed Dance
Qwabe Twins at the Reed Dance -Image Credit: Instagram/Qwabe Twins

Today, reed dancing and virginity testing are both a part of their way of life. They recently admitted in an interview that they have suitors but they are too busy with work. However, they have decided to maintain their virginity and purity. Additionally, they have never had boyfriends due to a lack of free time. The twins encourage young girls to keep their virginity, and they want to show young girls that it’s possible to be famous and still be a virgin. They admitted they were content to travel this way because it has protected them.

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Qwabe Twins
Qwabe Twins -Image Credit: Instagram/Qwabe Twins

Rorisang Thandekiso is another celebrity who disclosed her virginity a few years ago. She claimed that her decision was based on her strong religious convictions. She also claimed that she chose in the past. Of course, her religion and the scripture were what ultimately led her, but she is persuaded nonetheless. She decided that is how she would live her life due to a personal conviction. She is no longer compelled to defend her choice. She will explain it when necessary but won’t continually defend it. It appears that famous people are disclosing their virginity and demonstrating to young girls that it is acceptable. South Africans seem to be loving this new norm.

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