Reasons why you should moan during sex

Reasons why you should moan during sex…  Moaning can be a confusing sound. It could be like giggles or screams.


Some partners find it attractive, while some prefer silence.


Reasons why you should moan during sex
Reasons why you should moan during sex——

In general, people moan because they are having fun and enjoying themselves.

When we are enjoying ourselves during a sexual experience, we find it hard to control our bodies and the sounds it makes.

For most people, moaning is feedback that they are doing a good job, and they love to hear it. Men especially interpret it as an affirmation of a job well done.

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Moaning sounds also causes people to feel more aroused because people experience pleasure from giving it to others.

Moaning can help you and your partner achieve orgasm, but some people (mostly women) moan dishonestly when they are not in the mood and want the experience to be over.


This sort of dishonesty is not good for a marriage. You are supposed to enjoy sex and not endure it. Communicating your feelings and being open about what doesn’t work is important.

Do not try to hold in your moans. When you moan, you are letting air out and breathing in; this helps blood circulation, you feel aroused and makes you eventually climax.

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Some people feel shy when they moan, they might feel it is not manly enough or become incredibly self-conscious.

Allow yourself to experience vulnerability; it is a natural response and shows you are having a good time.


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