Ronnie Hawkins Dies At Age 87, Cause Of Death Revealed

Ronnie Hawkins Dies At Age 87..  The Canadian rock ’n’ roll star, who was a founding member of the Hawks and is best known for hits like “Who Do You Love?” and “Mary Lou”, passed away on Sunday after reportedly suffering from a long illness.


Ronnie Hawkins Dies At Age 87

His wife, Wanda, told Canadian Press: “He went peacefully and he looked as handsome as ever.”

The “Ruby Baby” hitmaker, who was also part of The Band and played backing for music legend Bob Dylan before going on on to have a career as a talent scout later, was remembered by SiriusXM host Eric Alper as “the single most important rock and roller in the history of Canada”.

He tweeted: “Ronnie Hawkins, the single most important rock and roller in the history of Canada, has passed away at age 87.

“The Band, Dale Hawkins, Bob Dylan and thousands of others wouldn’t be the same without him.


“Music wouldn’t be the same. He will be deeply missed, and thank you, Hawk.” (sic)

Ronnie, who is also survived by his two children Robin and Ronnie Jr, had often been called the father of Canadian rock ’n’ roll. The city of Toronto named October 4 Ronnie Hawkins Day back in 2002, in honour of his induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Over the course of his career, Ronnie released 25 albums and back in 1996, was given the Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award for his contributions to the music industry.

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Ronnie Hawkins Cause of death

Hawkins died on Sunday morning after a long illness, according to his wife Wanda.

Hawkins was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July 2002 and given six months to live. Dr. Bryce Taylor, the chief surgeon at Toronto General, operated on him, legend has it, even holding the hard tumor in his hand, and then stitched him back up, unable to remove it since it was tangled around an artery. They gave him pain relievers and expected he’d be dead before Christmas.

Hawkins refused all medications. “I’d light up a cigarette. It is the world’s best healer “he claims “Put that pharmaceutical crap [painkillers] in your veins, that’s what’s going to get you in trouble.” He was aware that he was “90% dying,” so he sought the advice of some friends who told him about alternative medicines.

He claims to have tried them all. Robbie Robertson, the legendary guitarist who played in Hawkins’ band The Hawks and later formed The Band, introduced him to some Indian doctors. Another great musician, Lonnie Mack, advised him to contact a monk he knew who had prepared a mixture from white oak tree bark. Other herbal medicines were suggested by Dr. Dorothy, a Canadian/Polish doctor.

Then, a month before a huge tribute to Hawkins in October, when death seemed imminent and friends like David Foster, a famous Canadian music producer, and former US president and fellow Arkansas boy, Bill Clinton (via video), showered him with praise, his manager and daughter-in-law, Mary McGillis, received an e-mail with the subject “Help for You.”

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Hawkins claims subsequently in a one-on-one conversation that her office had received thousands of e-mails, up to 38,000 in four months. She read the letter, which she describes as “bizarre yet honest,” and informed Hawkins about it. Adam, a 16-year-old from an unspecified location in British Columbia with no surname, was the sender.

“He emphasized that everything is made out of the same substance,” Hawkins replies calmly during our conversation. “His parents informed me that they knew he had extraordinary abilities when he was five years old.”

Hawkins was willing to go to any extent to find a cure. Hawkins recalls Adam cleansing him around a half-dozen times. “Now comes the terrifying part,” he continues, his eyes like large saucers beneath the tinted sunglasses. Adam’s relatives called around a month ago to report that “he had drained everything entirely out and that I should go back and tell the physicians to take another scan.” Hawkins accomplished this. “We informed them that Ronnie was feeling OK, but that no one would employ him if they believed he was dying,” McGillis says. Hawkins is broke. He has had to sell his 1960s cars and artifacts from his house outside Peterborough, Ontario, where he lives with Wanda, his wife of 42 years.

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A CAT scan and an MRI subsequently revealed no evidence of a tumor. “Baby, it was gone,” Hawkins exclaims. Neither Dr. Taylor nor Dr. William Hughes, the cardiologist who treated Hawkins two years ago when he had heart issues and needed a quadruple bypass (“I told everyone I was going in for a penis reduction,” Hawkins chuckles), were available for comment.

Hawkins is reluctant to admit that Adam cured him. He would rather list the alternative therapy he attempted and speculate that one or a combination of them may have cleared his tumor. “I believe there is only one healer, the Big Rocker up there,” he says, motioning to the sky.



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