Royal moves: Inside The Queen actress Connie Ferguson’s expensive lunch with American and Nigerian actors

The Queen actress Connie Ferguson hosted American and Nigerian actors to an expensive lunch, leaving Mzansi impressed by her moves. For some time, Connie had been gracing our small screens, and many had fallen in love with her. It is common among top celebs, especially Americans, that there is nothing like a free lunch. We all know that whenever one invites you for lunch, they have something to benefit from it. To many of The Queen/Connie Ferguson fans, seeing her on a lunch with international stars from America and Nigeria left them imagining big things.

Veteran actress Connie Ferguson met with Nigerian star Enyinna Nwigwe and American star Michael Anthony. To avoid missing important points, Connie brought with her Ferguson senior producer Lorato Atosie Pilane. Together the two gentlemen and two ladies sat out as they enjoyed an expensive lunch. Fans agreed that it is not a coincidence that Connie is having such important meetings with The Queen telenovela on its last season. Indeed, Connie is looking at the future, where she is looking to bring even better work than The Queen. Undoubtedly, Connie is cooking her best work as The Queen comes to an end.

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Royal moves: Inside The Queen actress Connie Ferguson's expensive lunch with American and Nigerian actors
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The Queen actress Connie Ferguson’s expensive lunch with American and Nigerian actors

Since Shona Ferguson‘s death, Connie is now doing most of her important meetings with supper producer Lerato. Most of the time, when Connie and Lerato are together, it would be serious business, and they would be targeting royal moves. Enyinna Nwigwe from Nigeria is a super actor, producer and entrepreneur famous for her role as Nonso in The Wedding Party 2. On the other hand, Antony is as well-known as a famous actor and musician. The stars and determined stars had time to discuss issues during lunch.

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After lunch, Enyinna shared pictures on his Instagram, and the fans couldn’t get enough images. Many Nigeria and American fans loved seeing their celebs interacting with Mzansi’s top stars. The joy that the stars had on their faces proved the joy that they had during lunch.

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