Rumbleverse Season 2 Patch Notes, Check Rumbleverse Patch Updates For Season 2

rumbleverse season 2 patch notes check rumbleverse patch updates for season 2

Rumbleverse Patch Notes

The Season 2 title update for Rumbleverse has been released by Iron Galaxy as update 1.05! Expect the addition of new settings, character abilities, and more. For the complete Rumbleverse patch notes for November 15, 2022. To know more about the patch note details continue reading. The Patch Notes are available here- Rumbleverse Season 2 Patch Notes.

Rumbleverse Season 2 Patch Notes

NEW Location

NEW Traversal Ability

  • Pole Swing! 

NEW Special Moves 

NEW Weapons 

  • Added Potted Plant throwables 

  • Added Chancla family of weapons 

  • Added Starfish family of weapons 

  • Added Bucket throwables 

  • Added Oil Drum weapon 

NEW Consumable 

NEW Perk 

Misc Updates 

  • Big improvements have been made to the climbing system. You should drop off walls unexpectedly even less now

  • You can now see your own party status next to your teammates. This will help you see if you are the launch master and your mic status

  • The Pinging system has been improved! You can now see pings when they are off screen, and they should be much more visible overall

  • The Battle Barge has moved!  You’ll now be launching toward the islands from the North side, instead of the East side

  • We have retuned how Fame is gained. You’ll gain more from Daily and Weekly challenges than in Season 1, and a bit less from gameplay accolades

  • You can now invite a larger group into a party to join Playground Mode together. We will be running limited time tests of Battle Royale modes for larger groups this season as well… stay tuned

Balance Changes 

While reading about the many changes below, please keep in mind that game balance is a sum of all parts. Taking any one of these changes in a vacuum may paint an inaccurate picture. We’d like to encourage you to play the game with fresh eyes and give it some time to feel out how all the puzzle pieces fit together. We’ll continue to watch you play and listen to your feedback and will work hard to bring the game into a harmonious state. Thanks for being a part of this journey with us, and remember, it’s all part of the Rumble! 

  • The changes to the Air Dodge in the Season 1 Mid Season Update that added more recovery time have gone a long way toward making the game more thoughtful. We have heard your feedback on this change, especially the desire to be able to use Vicious Attacks and Special Moves when coming out of the Air Dodge, and we’ve tried to find improvements and compromises that maintain the thoughtful use of this move that we intend, with the freedom players feel they lost. We found a compromise we were comfortable with, and so the following changes have been made

    • We once again allow you to cancel your Air Dodge into Air Vicious and Air Specials, so long as you are on the way up from the air dodge. If you do not have any vertical momentum, it will still not be allowed until the recovery period ends.

    • Added additional recovery when landing from missing an Air Vicious Attack. We had to shorten this when shortening the Air Dodge landing in Season 1 via Hotfix due to these actions being linked together. For Season 2, we’ve unlinked them so we can tune them independently. This should bring missing low-altitude Air Vicious Attacks back in line with missing ground Vicious Attacks in terms of recovery time

    • Shortened the recovery from landing after Air Blocking. This action was also linked to the above, and is now independent so we can tune it separately. We felt the landing recovery for this action felt long and could lead to easy duo guard-break setups

  • The Air version of the Mist family can really surprise players, and we’ve heard community complaints that it may be a bit too fast for the reward it gives. As a result, the following changes have been made:

  • A massive consistency pass has been performed on Attack Tracking across all moves to shore up some situations in which Attack Tracking could misbehave. Target acquisition works the same, but the way a character moves toward their target after tracking has occurred should be smoother in many situations now. This is a work in progress and additional changes/fixes will be made as we identify issues. Please continue to post your clips of the Attack Tracking system doing things that you feel cross the line

  • The Chair family’s Vicious attack does not deal very much damage, but can yield a very high reward if it causes a Stamina Break or Wall Splat. Upon reviewing the AOE Volumes on this move, we found they were up quite a bit higher than we expected. As a result, we’ve lowered the AOE Volumes and made them a bit smaller, making the move a bit easier to avoid or jump over

  • The Plank family of weapons are pretty terrifying. They can be pocketed, have a fast vicious attack that stuns for so long that you can connect anything you want afterward. Even if combo scaling goes down, the value of this weapon for displacement or ringouts is still very high for how common it is. To lower the threat of such a common weapon, the following changes have been made:

    • Drastically lowered the hitstun on Plank Family Vicious Gut Check. You can still combo quick attacks here, but you will not have enough time for a Charged Chop, Super Move, or Irish Whip

  • Due to the increasing number of environmental weapons being added to the Rumble, we’ve opted to lower weapon drop rate from crates. While doing this, we also raised the skill book drop rate from crates. Now that there is a larger variety of special moves in the game, we want to give players more opportunities to find the ones they want to use. We can tweak these values via Hotfix, so we’ll be keeping an eye on how the new values play and listening to your feedback.  As a small bonus, we’ve also reduced the number of Pipe weapons found in the environment

  • While loot is plentiful in Grapital City (and now Low Key Key!), the team has noticed when watching high skill lobbies that loot starts to feel scarce. This can make it hard to feel like you can construct a build, and that you are more at the whims of the RNG. As a result, we’ve increased loot spawns a bit to see if that helps. We will continue to monitor the state of this and make adjustments as needed

  • To help thin out the crowd a bit before the final ring, we’ve added a new phase before the final ring, and increased the duration of the phase before it

  • We have reworked the damage on Rekt Shot and Cozmo Shot to more evenly distribute the damage dealt between the two hits. This change is intended to weaken the move slightly, as it takes a bit longer to get the full damage and is more subject to disruption from crowds

  • The team really liked the change we made to the Basic Suplex in the Season 1 Mid Season Update.  Now that it is the fastest Vicious Move, opponents must worry about it more often, especially near ledges or at low health. To lean more into the basic toolkit being faster, but safer, the following changes have been made:

    • Because of this change, you may have a hard time punishing a missed Basic Suplex if you dodge. If you expect your opponent to try this move, attempt to out-prioritize it with a Strike Attack of your own instead

  • Previously, Blockstun had a lot of unpredictable cancel windows. For a few frames toward the end of Blockstun, attacking was possible so long as you were still holding the block button. The size of this window would change depending on how long the Blockstun inflicted was. After that, a dead zone would occur, and then after that, you’d be in a Block-exit phase for about a quarter of a second, during the first half of which you could dodge but not perform other actions, and during the last quarter of which you could attack, but not dodge. This made punish windows and escapes feel unpredictable, and players would often think this was the result of a network issue. To make Blockstun feel reliable, the following changes have been made:

    • Moves that were never intended to be punishable when blocked, such as Punch and Charged Chop, now behave as expected

  • As we noted in the Season 1 Mid Season Update, the team wanted to work toward removing the early cancel windows found in the dodge that made it feel so inconsistent to punish. As a result, the following changes have been made:

    • Removed all early cancel windows from ground dodges (not counting wakeup dodge)

    • Shortened all ground dodge recovery (not counting wakeup dodges). These are shorter than S1.5’s dodges overall

    • This should feel very visually consistent now and punish timings should be much more predictable. In addition, you’ll find dodging without attacking during recovery to be slightly less of a commitment than before

  • Many changes have happened to the Dodge to get rid of early cancel windows and make punishing it feel more consistent. Now that the work on that is complete, we’ve noticed that the changes are making using Bailout on Hit in your offense riskier than we’d like. To encourage and reward offense, the following changes has been made:

    • This change extends to Bailing out of a move you are charging up, allowing you to use charging as a bait more effectively. You must charge for at least a quarter of a second to qualify for the improved Bailout

  • The team discovered an issue that could prevent you from being able to Dodge for a few frames if you hit Dash before hitting Block when trying to input those buttons at the same time.  We also discovered inconsistent Stamina costs around dual button press windows. To address this, and to add another layer of depth to the improved Bailouts, the following changes have been made:

    • When pressing Dash slightly before Block to trigger a Dodge, the Dodge will now come out instantly and cost the correct amount of Stamina.  Previously, it would wait about 1/12th of a second to activate the Dodge and cost more Stamina than expected

    • After this window at the start of the Dash, when attempting to Dodge out of a Dash during the early part of the Dash, the normal Dodge will be used at the normal and correct Stamina cost

    • After the normal Dodge window, about a quarter of a second into the Dash, if you attempt to Dodge, you will perform the improved Bailout on Hit version of the Dodge that recovers much faster. This is very good for baiting out opponent attacks

  • The intention for Ground Attacks is that, for the most part, if a move looks like it should hit a person laying on the ground in front of you, it will.  Now that the system is working, we took some time to look through all the existing attack animations to see which ones visually seemed like they should Ground Attack. This mostly came in the form of various Weapon Attack animations. The following Weapon Attacks can now hit as Ground Attacks:

    • Barrel Smash 

    • Barrel Vicious 

    • Crate Smash 

    • Crate Vicious 

    • Chair Smash 

    • Lawnchair Smash 

    • Lawnchair Vicious 

    • Trashcan Smash 

    • Trashcan Vicious 

All of these will put the opponent into a reaction that stands them back on their feet while invulnerable, like what you see when you land an Elbow Drop as a Ground Attack

  • The Arms stat is very desirable to players. Hitting hard and seeing big numbers is always a good time. Because higher damage output carries the added benefit of faster Perk generation, the Arms stat is the most powerful both statistically and in practice. To level the playing field as it relates to Perks, the following changes have been made:

  • While the team wants the Super Move to remain scary, we recognize that when combined with the Arms stat and other upgrades, the burst damage can feel too high to mitigate. To combat this, we’ve adjusted the Super Move so that it now gains half of the Arms bonus for damage scaling

  • We have changed the way we calculate damage so that multipliers add together before any multiplication occurs. This means that combining an Arms bonus with Super bonus and damage bonuses from Perks will do a bit less damage than before.  This will combine with the above change to soften the higher end of Super Move damage quite a bit

  • We have changed the way we calculate elevation damage and unified our fall damage systems to address many bugs. Instead of multiplying based on fall distance, we are adding flat damage based on fall distance. This should make fall damage more predictable and consistent across the board and has allowed us to remove caps from some basic and lower tiered moves so that they can get the full benefit of high elevations or double bounces. If you see instances of fall damage that seem surprisingly high or low, please share your clips with us so we can consider future adjustments

  • Previously, AOE Attacks could pass through walls, leading to a lot of frustration and cheesy technique. This also made it visually unclear where you might be able to hide to protect yourself from an Elbow Drop’s blast.  As a result, we’ve made it so that AOE Attacks can no longer pass through walls

  • Special move Stamina costs have been reworked. Previously, higher rarity moves cost slightly less Stamina than lower rarity moves. Now, we’ve reversed it. Lower rarity moves now cost quite a bit less Stamina than their higher tier counterparts. You’ll also notice that some Special Move Families may carry an increased or decreased Stamina cost. For instance, the Superkick family costs less Stamina than average, and the Punchline family costs more Stamina than average.  This change should give players more reasons to voluntarily run with Common special moves, especially if they do not build into the Legs stat

  • It was never intended for you to get a free Elbow Drop after the Hammerfist ender (unless you have Bombastic). The intention is that if you want an Elbow, you’ll need to use the Backtoss ender and sacrifice some upfront damage and time. To fix this, we have delayed the time in which you can cancel out of Hammerfist early into jump or attacks. Due to the slow startup speed of the Dive Family of special moves, they also no longer score a guaranteed combo off Hammerfist.  If you get the Bombastic Perk, you will still be able to combo into most Ground Attacks with good timing

  • There was always intended to be a limit of two Wall Bounces per combo, but many bugs prevented this from being true. Players could circumvent this limit by doing different Wall Bounce animations, and this resulted in much more common long combos than intended. As a result, the following changes have been made:

    • There is still a 2 Irish Whip limit, so using a 2nd Irish Whip, even if you haven’t used 2 Wall Bounces, will still end the combo

    • Because of this change, Wall Splatting three times in a row with the Punchline Family became possible. This felt too severe, so we have added a Combo Limit of 2 to the Punchline Family so that you cannot land more than 2 in a Combo

    • We also fixed an issue that would cause the Combo Limit to reset when knocking an opponent away with the Spinkick or Sumoslap Family if they did not hit a wall right away.  This was the reason many of the ‘different wall’ infinites worked, and they no longer should

  • We have fixed additional bugs around the combo limit system, so you’ll find that Charge Chop will be able to be used in a combo more reliably now. Charge Chop will end the combo if the opponent has been hit by another Charge Chop, but should no longer end Combos in other unpredictable situations

  • Upon reviewing the Bombastic version of the Hammerfist, we’ve noticed it outperforming our expectations. While the huge benefits of a ledge knockoff or wall splat remain, the following changes have been made:

  • The Superkick family was previously unable to track victims into the air, which could look visually confusing due to the angle of the kick animation. As a result, we’ve changed it so that the Superkick family can track victims into the air

  • There are a couple situations in which a Stamina Break is not desired, as it might ruin your combo or displacement attempts. As a result, the following changes have been made:

    • Golf Club Vicious can no longer Stamina Break and deals less Stamina damage on hit. It could feel very disappointing to line up a Nice Shot, only to have your opponent Stamina Break and go nowhere

  • Previously, it was possible to perform corner infinites involving moves like Spinkick and the Sumoslap Family, because the knockback on these moves failed to Wall Splat.  We fixed an issue preventing the game from detecting Wall Splats in corners, and so these infinite combos should no longer be possible

  • To increase the options for possible counterplay when trying to Help a downed teammate, we’ve added a new cancel window to most moves that lets you attempt to revive a friend before the move has fully recovered.  These cancel windows line up with the usual timing for a Bailout

  • We have completed our first rework pass on the amount of Superstar Meter you can build by using Emotes. Because of the 10 second cooldown we added in the Season 1 Mid Season Update, we were able to substantially increase the amount of Superstar Meter you can gain by using emotes. You’ll also find the reward for completing longer emotes to be much more appealing and worth the risk. The team will monitor these values and adjust in the future if needed

  • We’ve heard community concern about instability in the perk system. Previously, each time you’d earn a perk, the game would choose randomly from all available perks with no additional rules or considerations. It could feel bad to work hard to earn 8 perks, only to end up with no healing Perks. While it is still possible to win without healing Perks, we recognize that this is a difficult situation that may be out of line with the risk/reward values of the rest of the game. To help, the following change has been made:

  • We’ve heard additional feedback about the Meditation Perk, and as promised, we’d like to take another step toward adjusting this Perk to be healthier for the game’s pacing. As a result, the following change has been made:

    • Players can only use the Meditation Perk if their Health is under 50% of their Maximum HP. For instance, if you have 1000 Max HP, Meditation will stop when you reach 500

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Stamina Break from working correctly after a Chokeslam Family attack

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when attempting to Dash right after learning a Special Move, causing the Special Move to occur instead of the Dash

  • Attempted to fix an issue where the Diamond Crusher was using the wrong Attack Tracking settings, which could cause it to look like it should hit even if it was supposed to miss. Let us know if you still see this happening

  • Attempted to fix an issue where the 2nd hit of the Bat and Golf Club strike combos could appear to be in range but miss sometimes. Let us know if you still see this happening

  • Fixed an issue that could allow you to take damage and still perform an attack followup. You would see this commonly when throwing an item at someone who was Dropkicking you. They’d take damage and finish the Dropkick anyway because it transitions into an attack followup on hit or block

  • Fixed an issue that could cause you to climb on nothing when climbing down from certain surfaces. As a bonus, climbing down to dismount a wall climb should be much more reliable now 

  • Fixed an issue that prevented hit sound effects from cutting off properly when a server correction into block occurs

  • Fixed various issues with Divekick, including it being very difficult to hit with before the landing portion, and the inconsistent damage/stamina damage dealt by the normal and perfect version

  • Fixed an issue preventing the startup of the Divekick from being able to rotate properly

  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause Punchline or Atomic Punchline to hit twice unexpectedly

  • Fixed an issue causing the Woo version of Chop to have longer recovery time than expected

  • Fixed an issue causing the Woo version of Chop to have much more expensive dodge cancels than expected

  • Fixed a bug causing Wakeup Backflip to cost 18 Stamina when it should cost 0 

  • Fixed a bug causing Wakeup Dodge #2 to cost 30 Stamina when it should cost 18 

  • Fixed an issue causing the Combo Limit version of the Irish Whip reaction to no longer be invulnerable as the character is front flipping after the run

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a downed or eliminated player to be stuck in an unreachable location

  • Fixed several camera behavior issues

  • Various updates and bug fixes to improve the Attack tracking system

  • Fixed an issue causing on-hit bailouts to cost more Stamina than intended from Uppercut Family

  • Fixed an issue where the recovery of the Uppercut Family had a dead zone where no Bailout on Hit was allowed

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an item that hit a wall and a player on the same frame to not hit the player

  • Fixed an issue preventing you from doing a wall dash into wall dodge while in Super Mode or while carrying many weapons

  • Fixed an issue that would allow you to fly outside of the ring using the Keybat without being counted out  

  • Fixed an issue that could allow the Keybat projectile to Clash 

  • Changed the way that Keybat Flight drains Stamina to fix an issue that could let you air-hop while winded basically forever.  Keybat flight now costs 5 Stamina begin, and starts draining Stamina a bit later into the move

  • Re-Fixed an issue causing players to slide down the wall after being Wall Splatted by the Tackle Family

  • Fixed an issue preventing you from dodging out of a Dash if you were holding a 2 handed above-the-head item, like a Crate or a Trashcan

  • Fixed an issue causing the recovery flip after Air Dive Family to take an extra 32 Stamina away from you

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from using Air Bailouts after using the Dive Family in the Air

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Satisfaction perk from working if you scored the KO using a thrown item

  • Fixed an issue where mashing the Wall Dash input could cause your character to teleport unexpectedly

  • Added safeguards to prevent stats from resetting

  • Fixed an issue causing mouse sensitivity to automatically change after respawning in Playground mode

  • Fixed an issue causing the Boom Boxer preset to equip the Unicorn top

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the visuals of an item to be stuck on your hand

  • Fixed dozens more issues too small to list

Rumbleverse Game

A free-to-play battle royale brawler video game called Rumbleverse was created by Iron Galaxy and released by Epic Games Publishing. On August 11, 2022, the game was made available for Windows via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. In Rumbleverse, a fight pass system is used. Fans Mail, an in-game money that can be used to buy cosmetics and clothes for player avatars, is earned by players as they finish matches and advance in the game. Additionally, Fan Mail allows for the acquisition of specific apparel items. Brawlla Bills are another form of currency that players can purchase through microtransactions.

Rumbleverse Gameplay

Played from the third person, Rumbleverse is a battle royale game. The objective of this game is to have the final survivor out of 40 people who will be dumped into the city of Glasgow. Rumbleverse emphasizes melee fighting over other similar games on the market, and players are prohibited from using any kind of weapon, including guns and firearms. Punches, kicks, and elbow drops are just a few of the players’ basic offensive options. Stronger strikes cannot be blocked and must be dodged; whereas, basic attacks can be blocked.

Disclaimer: The above information is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the Site.


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