SACP stalwart Jeremy Cronin expected to testify at inquest into Imam Haron’s death

sacp stalwart jeremy cronin expected to testify at inquest into imam harons death

The reopened inquest into the death of the late anti-apartheid activist, Imam Abdullah Haron, will continue at the High Court in Cape Town on Monday.

Haron was arrested in May 1969 and detained in Cape Town. He was found dead in his cell at the Maitland Police Station after 123 days in police detention.

The first inquest in 1970 found that his death was attributed to injuries sustained during an alleged fall down a staircase at the Cape Town Police Station and a heart condition.

On Friday, a forensic pathologist testified that Haron may been beaten severely shortly before his death. Dr Steve Naidoo testified that the injuries on the Imam’s body may have been caused by punches while he was in detention.

Former policeman Johannes Burger and SACP stalwart Jeremy Cronin are expected to testify on Monday.

Father’s death unexpected

The son of the lates Imam Haron on Friday said his father’s death came very unexpectedly and it was very difficult to deal with emotionally.

Muhammad Haron was testifying at the High Court.

Details of Friday’s proceedings:
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A very emotional Muhammad Haron told the court that his family never accepted the findings of the first inquest.

“It was preposterous, totally unacceptable. A whole pack of lies about whatever was reported, generally speaking…and so in a sense, we never believed what the magistrate as well as the prosecutors and everyone else who were in one way or another involved in this process of the inquest, that their findings could be acceptable and accepted as it was. We always believed that he was tortured right up until the end and the bruises that we had witnessed were clear indications.”

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