Scandal: 22 September 2022 – Unbelievable: Layla admits to sleeping with Cee-jay

Layla admitted to sleeping with Cee-jay during a conversation with Cohen. Cee-jay mentioned Layla as one of his clients, and Cohen was in disbelief. When he confronted Layla about it, she denied it, and Cohen believed Cee-jay was lying and that he was guilty. In tonight’s episode, Layla will tell Cohen she was intimate with Cee-jay. After her conversation with Me’shell, she knows her friend has no interest in telling the truth. Me’shell wants to maintain her lifestyle, and at this point, Cee-jay will pay for it with his freedom.

Layla confesses to sleeping with Cee-jay
Layla confesses to sleeping with Cee-jay. Image: FB/Scandal

Me’shell’s accusations are strong, and Layla’s admitting can’t prove that her trainer is innocent. When Layla confesses to her relations with the young man, she realizes her act of nobility will not get Cee-jay any help. Her admission only exposed a sordid side of her as an older woman who buys physical favours from young men.

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Cohen calls the staff foe a meeting
Cohen calls the staff for a meeting. Image: FB/Scandal

Javas passed the last test to become an actual criminal. In tonight’s episode, there will be a staff meeting at the police station. Cohen will tell the police staff that dockets are missing in the station. From there on, he will conduct one on one interviews to see if he can find the culprit. Since Javas is the thief in the station, he is anxious when he hears about the upcoming interrogations.

During his interview, he will try his hardest to keep a straight face. What will make him even more anxious is that some of his colleagues have noticed that he has new, unusual habits. People are seeing he is gone for hours and always late at work. His experience as a police officer and lying will help him go through the interview without getting suspected or caught by Cohen.

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Nhlamulo’s two children will walk in on Lindiwe and Nhlamulo getting intimate and they will be shocked. Lindiwe will speak to Nhlamulo about it and show him how inconvenient it is to have kids in the house.

Lindiwe and Nhlamulo caught getting intimate
Lindiwe and Nhlamulon and caught getting intimate. Image: FB/Scandal

The community is excited over Ndumiso’s new tender. Tonight, viewers will see many hopevilles applying for jobs. Ndumiso announced in the previous episode that he would be employing 20 males and 20 females. He also told the community that he doesn’t require anyone to have a matric certificate. The work will begin soon, but there is so much drama Ndumiso is unaware of. He will realize his excitement will be short-lived.

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