Scandal 23 Sep 2022: Mbali shocked to find a selfie of her husband and sister together

Mbali will confront Winile about the pictures of her and Jojo on her phone. In the past few episodes of Scandal, Winile has been showing more signs of having a romantic interest in Jojo. She admitted to her friend that she was willing to risk everything for that man. Mbali and their mother Judith have also noticed this, and Winile brushed it off whenever she received a warning. A while back, Winile asked Jojo for a selfie of them together, including the baby. Jojo didn’t refuse since it was his sister-in-law after all.

In tonight’s episode, Mbali will find the pictures on Winile’s phone,, and she will be furious. Mbali will confront Winile about the images, and she will brush it off as nothing. Mbali’s primary goal in her marriage is to a good wife to Jojo, and enable him to become rich one day. As a Kubeka,he stands a chance of inheriting his family’s waste collection empire. Winile’s desire for Jojo is tempered with her vision. After her conversation with her sister, she will show signs of disbelief. She will be prompted to further investigate if her sister intends to become a problem in her life. Her confrontation about the pictures will not be pretty.

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Layla confesses to sleeping with Cee-jay
Layla admits to sleeping with Cee-jay. Image: FB/Scandal

Layla confessed to sleeping with Cee-jay. She admitted to trying to get Cee-jay out of prison since Me’shell said she got him arrested to save her marriage. Cohen told Layla her confession was not helpful. He explained that Me’shell was with Cee-jay privately, and there weren’t any witnesses. Being consensual with Layla does not mean the Me’shell consented, according to the police. Layla will be more determined to get Cee-jay out of the hot soup tonight. She will devise a plan to try getting Me’shell to confess to her wrongdoings but will fail dismally.

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Layla tries to help Cee-jay
Layla tries to help Cee-jay. Image: FB/Scandal

When it rains, it pours. Ndumiso will face a big problem with his current tender programme. He will be confused and clueless about what can he do? The person who is responsible for his misery will dampen Ndumiso’s high hopes for the future.

Ndumiso faces problems.
Ndumiso faces problems. Image: FB/Scandal

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