See Pictures: Mrs Hlongwane “Leera Mthethwa” from Gomora shows off her son as she celebrates his birthday

Leera Mthethwa, best known for playing Mrs Hlongwane on Gomora, posted photos of her son on his birthday on Instagram. The gorgeous actress rarely posts videos or pictures of her family members, but this time she made an exception and flaunted her adorable son.

Leera revealed on Instagram that it was her son’s birthday, and he had turned four. Mrs Jackie Hlongwane from Gomora shared photos of herself with her son, who has a personality like his mother. They were both wearing black sunglasses and giving off chill vibes. Leera was wearing a summer hat, a lovely pair of white pearl earrings, and a cool blue top. Her son was sporting a stylish white golf t-shirt. They are unquestionably the ideal mother-and-son pair.

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In the post, she revealed that her son’s name is Kumkani-Inam. She also released a cute video of him on a Whatsapp voice note stating that his mother Leera is his true love, which only serves to highlight the two of them close relationship.

Leera Mthethwa with her son
Leera Mthethwa with her son -Image Credit: Instagram/Leera Mthethwa

Leera Mthethwa is a well-known South African actress who plays Jackie Hlungwani on Gomora’s television show. Her appearances on the small screen are jaw-dropping as she flawlessly flaunts her flair. At 13, the actress realized she had a talent for the arts and enrolled at Pro Arte Alphen Park in Pretoria. She then registered at ADFA to begin her bachelor’s program in live performance. She continued her education at the University of Pretoria, adding cherries to her cake.

Don’t be fooled by the attractive appearance; a tough persona is hidden behind that charm. Melusi Dlamini, the former principal of Gomora High School, collaborated closely with Jackie Hlungwani, who took over when he was arrested. She failed to run the school as acting principal, and Mr Nkosinathi Cele who is portrayed by Fezile Makhanya took her place. Mzansi’s small-screen moments are worthwhile because they see her on Gomora play Mrs Jackie, the teacher who is close to Melusi and doesn’t bat an eye when students misbehave.

Leera Mthethwa
Leera Mthethwa -Image Credit: Instagram/Leera Mthethwa

Alushi models signed Leera Mthethwa, who is dominating. When not appearing on television, the actress performs as an MC or poses for pictures. The actress always serves up yummy mummy vibes and never misses an opportunity to show off her son. The actress dislikes discussing her family too much, although she is a public figure, and people are curious to know more about her life. By posting images of roses and sweet notes that say “I’m taken,” she drops hints. Her husband, however, remains a secret.

See pictures of Mrs Hlongwane from Gomora showing off her son and celebrating his birthday below:

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