Sgt Mosia Begins To Crack Under Immense Pressure At Meyiwa Murder Trial

Sgt Mosia Begins To Crack Under Immense Pressure At Meyiwa Murder Trial..  Sgt Thabo Mosia, the first witness in the murder trial of Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa, has had a tough time in the witness box answering on what actually happened the night the star was killed.
Sgt Mosia Begins To Crack Under Immense Pressure At Meyiwa Murder Trial



While in the beginning Mosia tried his best to avoid conceding there where things that could have gone wrong, as the trial progressed he began to crack under immense pressure.

Here are some of the things that we did not know when the trial began:

  • The first one comes from a statement by one of the witnesses read by defence advocate Zandile Mshololo, which alleged that she saw Maggie Phiri wipe blood from the floor before police arrived on the scene.
  • The same witness statement revealed that Phiri, a neighbour at the house where the shooting happened, was also seen removing booze cans, saying she did not want police to see that the people in the house had been drinking. Mosia conceded that this meant the scene was “possibly” contaminated.
  • Mosia also agreed with Mshololo that there was no investigation on the sobriety of the person who took Meyiwa from the murder scene to hospital.
  • On Monday, Mosia stunned the gallery when he also accepted that he and his colleague did not take gun residue tests on any of the adults who were in the house to determine if any of them had pulled the trigger. “Yes, that is so, my Lord,” said Mosia.
  • He also struggled to explain why he did not swab the kitchen door handle, which is where the “robbers” who allegedly killed Meyiwa came through. He said he did not deem it necessary to take the swab because it was a commonly used door with lots of people touching its handle.
  • At the beginning of the trial, we knew that there was a bullet projectile that was found in the kitchen during Mosia’s second visit to the crime scene. It has now come out in court that this was the same bullet projectile used to link the five accused men to the crime.
  • At the beginning of the trial, Mosia testified about finding a walking stick at the crime scene. It has since come to light that it was allegedly used by one of the witnesses who were in the house to hit one of the suspects. Mosia did not investigate the crutch to see if there was evidence on it.
  • Furthermore, despite knowing from the cop who informed him on the phone that there had been an apparent robbery and killing at Kelly Khumalo’s home, when Mosia arrived on the scene, he never followed up on the cellphones that had been stolen.
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