‘She has no place in South Africa’: Azapo calls on Belinda Migor to leave

she has no place in south africa azapo calls on belinda migor to leave

JOHANNESBURG: The Azanian People’s Organisation (Azapo) and civil society members picketed outside the alleged home of a Benoni woman who allegedly called for black people to be banned and killed, instead of pit bulls.

Sixty-year-old Belinda Migor was arrested on Saturday and released on a warning after her voice note went viral on social media platforms.

She is facing charges relating to crimen injuria and will return to court next March.

Azapo on Monday said that it was tired of black people being the recipients of hate and hurt from racists who later came back to apologise.

Speaking outside the home where dozens of people had gathered, Azapo deputy president Kekeletso Khena said that there was no place for racists like Migor in the country.

“Quite simply, we had come here to help Belinda [Migor] pack. Absolutely. She has to leave, she has no place in South Africa. She has lost her right to live amongst us,” she said.

Khena said that Migor was intentional in what she said in the voice note.

“She’s very passionate about killing our people. That person is damaged goods. You can’t fix that. It has to be a world where only white people live,” said Khena.

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