“She’s lying” Durban Gen Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya accused of lying about being a virgin

Nelisiwe Sibiya, the Durban Gen actress is being accused of lying about being a virgin. She has been getting in trouble on social media lately. The actress is being criticized for not being a virgin, as claimed, after being accused of dating Robert Marawa.

Since there have been rumours that Nelisiwe Sibiya is dating sports commentator veteran Robert Marawa, she has been linked to several scandals. According to rumours, the actress is still a virgin. According to a 2022 April Indafrica article, the 28-year-old singer and actress is still a virgin. Twitter users disagree with that and have called her out for not being a virgin.

A blog post by gossip columnist Musa Khawula in which he criticized Nelisiwe Sibiya as a subpar actress is what caused all the drama. Nelisiwe Sibiya claims to be a virgin, but Twitter users refuted those claims in the comment section. Tweeps showed up in large numbers to denounce Nelisiwe for various actions unrelated to her acting talent and abilities.

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Nelisiwe Sibiya
Nelisiwe Sibiya -Image Credit : Instagram/Nelisiwe Sibiya

Twitter users wonder why Nelisiwe is always photographed with virgins but never sports the white dot that signifies her virginity on her forehead like her virgin friends. They wonder because the singer has repeatedly announced that she is a virgin. However, Mzansi is beginning to have doubts because they assert that she appears to have never faced a virginity test in her life. Some even described Nelisiwe as a woman who jumps from one man to another.

Nelisiwe did not go to the Reed Dance, which took place this past weekend, which is another reason why South Africans think she is lying. Many were surprised to see only the Qwabe twins because they had expected Nelisiwe to be there. Since Nelisiwe is well known for being a firm believer in religion, her absence was shocking and served as an eye-opener for others. After all, she frequently asserts her virginity. The country’s proud virgins come together once a year for the Reed Dance to display their purity and pride in themselves.

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Nelisiwe Sibiya
Nelisiwe Sibiya -Image Credit : Instagram/Nelisiwe Sibiya

Nelisiwe denied dating stories about Robert Marawa during an appearance on Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM. However, she did speak out to dispel rumours that she was seeing Marawa. There is so much going on around her name, as she was even accused of being a horrible actress just a few days ago. Still, the actress hasn’t commented on anything they’ve said about her, and it appears she is keeping the truth about her virginity a secret.

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