Sizwe Dhlomo responds to Unathi’s abuse claims

Sizwe Dhlomo responds to Unathi’s abuse claims…  Sizwe Dhlomo took to his social media to respond to Unathi Nkayi’s clams that he had verbally abused her.

Sizwe Dhlomo responds to Unathi’s abuse claims
Sizwe Dhlomo responds to Unathi’s abuse claims—-

This is coming after it was reported that Unathi has been fired from Kaya FM.

It was also reported that Sizwe had gotten her axed from her job

At the time of her firing, Unathi had claimed that Sizwe had verbally abused her, and that she had even felt afraid for herself.

All of this allegedly happened when Sizwe got to the studio late, and Unathi was angry that he had kept her waiting, resulting in a verbal altercation.

In later details, it came out that the altercation had been recorded, and Unathi had stretched the truth about feeling afraid for herself.

Although the show was off air at the time, the equipment was all still on, and captured the whole conversation.

Following investigations by the radio station, Unathi was found to have lied, and was thus let go by the channel effective immediately.

Sizwe decided to let his voice known as he stated Unathi tried to frame him for abuse and get him axed, but it all backfired on her.

In a series of Tweets, Sizwe credited City Press for having written the truth as it happened.

He revealed that, had the conversation not been captured by the equipment, he would have probably lost his job.

He further said that his career he would have found a way to rebuild, but the toughest thing would have been the destruction of his reputation, as verbal abuse is a serious accusation.

See tweets below:

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