Skeem Saam October Teasers: Is PreHasa over, as Lehasa faces Jail time? Jacobeth and Lizzy could be dating the same guy

They are coming up in October on Skeem Saam! Is PreHasa over, as Lehasa faces Jail time? Jacobeth and Lizzy could be dating the same guy. Candice betrays Kat again.

The month of October is already giving us Whiplash from all the drama.

Let’s start with our beloved PreHasa.

It looks like the end could be near for Pretty and Lehasa, and Lehasa’s past is returning to haunt him big time.

The trial will begin in the middle of October, and things will have gone to hell for the loving couple by then.

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These events force Pretty to make tough decisions. Firstly, Lehasa will end up paying Lobola for Khwezi after Manqoba gives him an ultimatum. Then Lehasa will leave Pretty devastated and alone in a hotel room.

Lehasa is put into a position where he has to choose between Pretty and Freedom, and he ends up going to a Sangoma for help. He receives terrible news from his consultation.

During all this, Khwezi tries her luck with Lehasa, but she fails.

Can PreHasa endure?

The saga continues at Capsys.

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Is PreHasa over
Is PreHasa over? Image: Twitter

After Katlego tries to buy Lehasa’s shares fails, he returns to Candice with his tail between his legs, but she puts him in the frying pan again.

Capsys goes into a financial crisis, leaving Kat and Candice in a predicament.

They cannot pay their staff, and Candice decides to disappear and leaves Kat with the whole mess.

Kat faces disgruntled workers, and a possible strike at Capsys is looming. The financial crisis causes Kat and Candice to be late in paying the salaries to employees, and Candice leaves Kat to put out that fire on his own.

Jacobeth and Lizzy both fall in love in October.

Lizzy meets her Knight at the hospital; this man is her patient at Turf high. The teasers told us that Lizzy is immediately smitten with this man.

He makes his move, and she agrees to go on a date with him, but she starts to suspect something is amiss about the new man.

Lizzy finds out that the guy is a scammer, and she deals with him.

Jacobeth also meets a mystery man and is immediately taken by him. She agrees to go on a date and starts preparing dinners for him, but Jacobs feels something is also amiss. Ma’am Thobakgale is taken to cloud nine and stays there for a while after meeting this man. The question now is, what are the odds that it’s the same guy?

It looks like It will be a very eventful October, and we are looking forward to it.

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