South African Men Are Losers – Ntsiki Mazwai

South African Men Are Losers – Ntsiki Mazwai..  “South African Men Are Losers,” Ntsiki Mazwai Sparks Furore After She Throws Shade At Men For Being Deadbeat Fathers


South African Men Are Losers - Ntsiki Mazwai

Outspoken critic Ntsiki Mazwai sparked furore on social media after she threw shade at South African men at large for being deadbeat fathers.

Taking to Twitter, Ntsiki Mazwai decided to open up on why she doesn’t have a child.  She said the reason she does not have any kids as yet is that she has been avoiding the situation of having a child with a deadbeat father.

Whilst at it, Ntsiki Mazwai went on to cancel South African men saying that they are losers.

“The only reason I don’t have a child is because I was avoiding the single mom journey.. SA men are losers who run away from their kids,” she wrote.

She revealed that she would have a child tomorrow if she was sure the man would play his part but threw shade at South African men for prioritizing step children instead of their own kids.

“I would have a child tomorrow if I was sure the man would play his part….. But sa men…. Yikes. They will raise their step children first before they support their real kids,” she added.

Ntsiki’s statement triggered a lot of people and attracted heavy criticism especially from men who accused her of painting all men with the same brush.

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Here are some of the reactions from Twitter;

Bruno Black
We understand break ups are hurtful, we understand mjolo never favoured you, but don’t generalise. How does the whole population of SA men responsible for your heartbreaks? You need to heal my sister!
You need to heal from whatever you suffering from.
Kruger Ville
Who’d want to have a child with you though , just think about it a lil bit .
Zakhele Terrence
Is that the reason why you wanted to cancel your surname? Did your real father ran way from you? If not. Think again about what YOU are saying about us because some of us siwa sivuka nengane zethu. Just like not every woman dumps their kids in the nearest drain.
Don’t insult us when your choice is wrong. We still with our kids…
I believe that’s a sign of giving up,she’s tried so many times n it’s not happening…so sad but now he’s blaming men
Yaz you’re right Ntsiki. But SA woman are bigger losers for having kids with deadbeats hoping they’ll change

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