Survivor SA: Expect the Unexpected – Episode 7 Recap

Survivor SA: Expect the Unexpected – Episode 7 Recap.. ..  What went down in Episode 7?


Survivor SA: Expect the Unexpected - Episode 7 Recap

Though “expect the unexpected” is mostly associated with another reality TV show, it was indeed the right fit for this particular episode of Survivor SA, as we finally saw the long-awaited tribe swap. This shuffle led to shifting dynamics, new alliances, and several players already being targeted, but everything changed when a devastating injury left the fate of a contestant on the line.


At Yontau, Pinty is shown celebrating Seamus’ demise with glee, which annoys several of her tribemates, particularly Phil and Dino. Phil even says that Pinty’s downfall will be “her mouth.” Pinty then says that Shona and Killarney are the ones in trouble, as the other five Yontau members are a solid majority.

Over on Masu, Toni wants to play a less emotional game and hatches a plan with Palesa and Tejan to convince Steffi to flip against Dante and work alongside them should the opportunity arise.


As both teams later meet Nico, he giddily announces to everyone to drop their buffs, which both excites and scares the players. The new Yontau tribe is made up of Dino, Phil, Marian, Shane, Meryl, Palesa, and Dante, leaving the original Masu members with the majority. The new Masu tribe members are Pinty, Killarney, Thoriso, Felix, Steffi, Tejan, and Toni, now with former Yontau members having the majority.

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Having picked yellow, Shona has the opportunity to join whichever tribe she chooses. She proceeds to shock everyone with her choice, as she decides to remain at Yontau despite not having the numbers. Shona later justifies her decision by explaining that if former Yontau members on both sides remain in the game, they will have the majority over Masu going into the merge.

Both new tribes are shown back at camp trying to find their new footholds within their teams. At Yontau 2.0, Shona looks like an animated character explaining to everyone the rules around camp. Shane pointedly ignores her and proceeds to check all bags to look for hidden advantages, stating in his defence that players who follow the rules don’t make the merge. (He kind of has a point there, doesn’t he?)


Phil is already on the move as he wants to work with Marian from his original season, throwing Shona under the bus by calling her “shady,” with Marian considering this option as both are assets to each other. Meanwhile, Dante immediately wants to target Dino, as he views Dino as someone with the potential to do a lot of damage if he’s not taken out soon.

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Over at Masu 2.0, things seem to be all over the place, with Toni looking ecstatic by her new life in the game, Steffi lamenting her new odds, Pinty feeling like a guest in her own new home, and Felix just feeling happy to have a tarp.

The Outpost twist returns and both tribes need to send a representative to negotiate, with Dante and Tejan going for Yontau and Masu, respectively. With complimentary juice and cookies between them, Dante and Tejan exchange items, but not before Dante urges Tejan to join Felix (Dante and Felix were both on season 7) in an alliance. This leaves Tejan feeling cautious about Dante & Felix’s bond. Lastly, they both discover clues about hidden idols in their rice bags. Dante later finds his idol back at camp, only to find out it must be given to someone on the opposing tribe.


Just as the immunity challenge is about to start, Marian lets us know that she plans to give her Diplomatic Immunity to Steffi in the case Masu loses. This would send Steffi to Yontau and save her from being eliminated. As the challenge begins, Dante is able to talk to Tejan about the idol situation, but as Tejan admits that he didn’t find the idol, Dante lies about finding his.

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Steffi’s ACL injury is aggravated during the first round and is deemed unfit by the medical team to continue in the challenge. As Masu is a player short, Nico voids the round and announces that the next round would be the definitive one to win immunity. However, the second all-female round is also halted, but this time after Shona is body-slammed in the chest by Pinty and is left unable to breathe due to the pain.

The next episode preview shows Nico announcing to the tribe Shona’s fate in the game, and by their (albeit edited) reactions, things aren’t looking good.

Even though there wasn’t a tribal council this episode, it’s clear that the tribe swap has only intensified the game. Connections between contestants become imperative and crucial at this point, as they could be the difference between staying or leaving the game. And now with Steffi injured, Shona being temporarily med-evaced, and several idols looming around, stakes have never been higher. Being voted out is already gut-wrenching but being medically evacuated is on another level of pain. No one wants to go out that way.

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