Survivor SA: Masu Trump Cards (Men)

Survivor SA: Masu Trump Cards..  Take a look at some of the Survivor SA statistics of the five returning male castaways who will form part of the Masu tribe. Do you think they have what it takes to go up against the Yontau tribe?


Survivor SA Masu Trump Cards




  • Survivor nickname: Chappies Sticky Fingers
  • Previous season: Survivor SA: Immunity Island S8
  • Total days in the game: 38 days
  • Total individual challenges won: Eight
  • Total tribal councils attended: 11
  • Total votes received: 10
  • Total idols found: None

What are you bringing to season 9?
I’ve learned that you’ve already won the game once you realise that it’s not about winning. The outcome is just an outcome and does not determine your value as a human being. Going in with this approach takes all the pressure off to perform and will help me focus on what’s in front of me.
Why are you back?
I plan on applying the lessons I’ve learned from my previous season; 1) not to jump the gun and act on assumptions, 2) work with what I’ve got to make the best of the situation, and 3) you already have everything you need within, any other experience is just a bonus.

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  • Survivor nickname: Aquaman
  • Previous season: Survivor SA: Island of Secrets S7
  • Total days in the game: 28 days
  • Total team challenges won: Six
  • Total individual challenges won: Three
  • Total tribal councils attended: Six
  • Total votes received: Seven
  • Total idols found: None
  1. What are you bringing to season 9?
    Being in control of where votes go and making sure my social game is on par with my physical game.
  2. Why are you back?
    During season 7, I had little control and influence on how the tribe voted, and I was out of the loop. I feel my emotions ran away with me many times, forcing me to rely on my physical game to keep me safe. I want to create better and stronger bonds with more castaways in the beginning, so that I have options later on in the game.


1656580406 25 pk 1



  • Survivor nickname: PKaos
  • Previous season: Survivor South Africa: Philippines S6
  • Total days in the game: 33 days
  • Total team challenges won: Eight
  • Total individual challenges won: None
  • Total tribal councils attended: Nine
  • Total votes received: Thirteen
  • Total idols found: One
  1. What are you bringing to season 9:
    BDE – if you don’t get it forget about it.
  1. Why are you back?
    I’d like to be more of an alert player and have more Survivor situational awareness. I’d also like to grow and build trust with a solid alliance from earlier on in the game (unlike last time) – hopefully, my reputation from my season won’t get in the way!
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1656579321 29 shane 1



  • Survivor nickname: None
  • Previous season: Survivor South Africa: Champions S5
  • Total days in the game: 22
  • Total team challenges won: 10
  • Total individual challenges won: None
  • Total tribal councils attended: Six
  • Total votes received: 10
  • Total idols found: Four


  1. What are you bringing to season 9:
    To not allow my ego to get in my way. I have studied personality traits and will use that to my advantage. My intrapersonal skills have improved and I’ve grown in terms of vulnerability and self-confidence.
  2. Why are you back?
    I have been dubbed as a player who did not open up to the viewers and players. I plan to be as authentic as possible, allowing everyone to experience the good and bad parts of me. I am an emotional person and tend to be very critical of others. I will, however, play a socially strategic game, with “the challenge beast” persona on the back burner.
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1656579505 29 tejan 1



  • Survivor nickname: Snake
  • Previous season: Survivor South Africa: Maldives S4
  • Total days in the game: 21 days
  • Total team challenges won: Nine
  • Total individual challenges won: One
  • Total tribal councils attended: Nine
  • Total votes received: Eight
  • Total idols found: None


  1. What are you bringing to season 9:
    I will try and keep as many options open as possible. This includes alliances with others, especially if lines have already been drawn in the sand.
  2. Why are you back?
    To bring my AAA game, and attempt to be a triple threat (physical, mental, social). I lacked the social game in my first season, and I’ve seen and realised how critical that is. Therefore, I will attempt to make that a core focus in this season as it opens up so many doors.



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