Thanks for the push: Former Scandal actor Hungani Ndlovu surprises wife Stephanie with a R1 million BMW car

Hungani Ndlovu is winning in the “husband Olympics”, and he surprised his wife Stephanie with a brand new R1 million BMW as a push present. The couple welcomed their bundle of joy in August, and Hungani was excited to be a father after suffering from a miscarriage in 2020. Hungani and Stephanie are beyond thrilled and excited to be parents and can’t wait to share their parenting journey on their YouTube channel.

Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu
Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu: Image source @Instagram

As Hungani is happy to be a father, he buys a present for his wife as a token of his appreciation for carrying their child to term. In the most recent video posted to the couple’s YouTube channel, The Ndlovu’s Uncut, Hungani broke the news.

Steph has been such a superhero. I don’t think one can really comprehend the things that happen in a woman’s body when they are housing a human. And this experience has been such a testimony for us, it’s been such a rollercoaster of an experience

Stephanie was at her parents’ house, and Hungani pooped at the residence, driving a new whip to surprise his wife. In the video, Stephanie stepped out of the house in her pyjamas and was so happy to see her new BMW. She was screaming and rushed to give her husband an emotional hug as she thanked him for the new car.

Watch the full video as Hungani Ndlovu surprises his wife Stephanie Ndlovu with an R1 million BMW

Mzansi react to Hungani’s present to Stephanie

Mzansi was inspired by the love story of Hungani and Stephanie. The couple has been there for each other through thick and thin and is slowly becoming one of Mzansi’s favourite couples. Many comments on their YouTube channel praised Hungani for being a good husband by acknowledging his wife’s struggles while pregnant and surprising her with a BMW. A Youtube user commented:

Guys ain’t we blessed to be part of this fantastic, fabulous family so much love for you guys you deserve everything coming your way enjoy motherhood, wife hood everything hood and you new dad enjoy everything. Where can we find good husbaes like Hungani, am asking for a friend ♥♥❤️🇱🇸🇿🇦

Stephanie Ndlovu's car
Stephanie Ndlovu’s car: Image source @Instagram

Other fans of  Hungani were not impressed with the “push present”. They were worried if he could purchase a new vehicle each time his wife gave birth. They suggested that Hungani should have bought the BMW for his wife without naming it a push present.

Are you going to buy her another car when she gives birth to baby number two? My guy these women are full of drama the next time she will give birth she will ask for a car😅😅

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