The Buzz: Dorathy joins Makinwa to unpack wildest BBNaija moments of the week

The Buzz: Dorathy joins Makinwa to unpack wildest BBNaija moments of the week.. The past four episodes of The Buzz on Showmax have brought us shocking revelations, candid moments, ‘gbas gbos’, and love triangles; and the latest episode didn’t disappoint either.

The Buzz Dorathy joins Makinwa to unpack wildest BBNaija moments of the week
The Buzz: Dorathy joins Makinwa to unpack wildest BBNaija moments of the week—-

The host, Toke Makinwa, came with her signature touch and her exciting guests to unpack all that went down in Biggie’s house last weekend.

Toke was joined by Ex-BBNaija star, Dorathy Bachor, who says that watching the show as a viewer this year gives her flashbacks and nostalgia as she tries to picture some of the moments she had in the house during her time.

Kitchen Monopoly

The duo spoke about the issue of kitchen monopoly in the house with each of them offering their thoughts. Dorathy said that WhiteMoney did the exact thing Pere was accused of, which was gathering people to talk about the issue rather than speaking to Pere directly and she didn’t like that.


The ‘Ship’ Dynamics

Toke and Dorathy were joined by popular Instagram influencer, Enioluwa to dissect all the confusing and sinking ‘ships’ in the house.

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To start off, Toke asked them what they thought about the Boma, Jackie B, and Michael’s triangle. Enioluwa responded by saying that men are confused people, and they want everything for themselves. Dorathy debunked this opinion because, according to her, there’s a difference between the relationship Boma had with Jackie B and what she has with Michael currently. In her opinion, Jackie saw what she wanted in Michael and went for it. She didn’t do that with Boma. They all conclude that they are rooting for the Michael and Jackie B ship and named them Michael Jackson.

And The Triangles Continue

They also spoke about the Queen and Boma relationship where he tells her that she’s choking her and he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her but also tells her that they can engage in sexual activities. Toke and her guests were upset by this and agreed with Enioluwa’s point, stating that men are generally confused people.

They moved on to talk about the most sought-after girl of the week, Saskay, and her triangle with Jay Paul, Cross, and Yousef. They believed that Yousef was trying to scatter Jay Paul’s relationship with her and laughed at the fact that all the housemates gathered to advise Jay Paul to “shoot his shot” with Saskay even though she rightly said she didn’t have feelings for any of them. Toke concluded by asking the guest who they think WhiteMoney liked. They all laughed and said he loved the kitchen but had previously opened up about liking Maria. They decided that their ship’s name will be called WhiteMaria.

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Gbas Gbos

From SasKay slapping Cross for touching her inappropriately to Tega yanking everybody’s bedspread off, to the altercation between Princess and Pere over a drink, the guests touched on all the major fights of the week.

On the SasKay and Cross situation, Toke said she really liked how SasKay stood up for herself and put Cross in his place. They moved on to the Tega situation, where she removed everyone’s bedspread because someone unlaid her bed. Dorathy was of the opinion that if the same thing happened in her set, there would have been a fight. They concluded that Tega is giving us the content we signed up for and they love it.

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Secret Diary Session

During the secret diary session, the housemates got to reveal their frustrations and pent-up anger to Biggie. Here’s what some of them had to say: SasKay said she’s unhappy because Cross had been ignoring her. JMK broke down in tears saying she’s struggling to fit in amongst her fellow housemates. Angel said that Pere went too far during his HOH regime and she thinks it’s the worst one ever. Sammie also tells Big Brother that WhiteMoney would be a good head of house because he is an old soul in a young body.


The guests said there are still too many housemates in Biggie’s house and he needs to vacuum more people out. They also spoke about Princess’s exit and how that information about Cross being her crush was unnecessary because he wouldn’t have made a move still.

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