The Half Idol, Explained – Survivor SA

The Half Idol, Explained – Survivor SA..  This season, the half idol is introduced.


The Half Idol, Explained – Survivor SA

After competing for tribal immunity in an individual endurance challenge leading up to merge, the castaway who outlasts everyone else will win immunity for their tribe. The winner will then be sent to The Outpost with a member of the opposing tribe who managed to stay in the challenge the longest.

At The Outpost, these two castaways must agree on a castaway that must be voted out at the next tribal council. Once they’ve agreed on a name, they will need to write it down on a parchment.

If these two castaways are correct, and the castaway they agreed on gets voted out, they will each receive half an idol. The half is useless, but when put together, it can be invoked and therefore has the power of a classic immunity idol. However, it needs to be played together.

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Toni from Masu won the endurance challenge, and, before being sent to The Outpost with Phil from Yontau, Nico revealed that both tribes would attend tribal council, and that both tribes would have the opportunity to vote out one member of the losing tribe.

At The Outpost, Phil argued that Masu has the numbers. He also revealed to Toni that Shane told him about his alliance with Steffi and Tejan.

Furthermore, Phil revealed this alliance had many negative things to say about Toni, and that Danté was leading this conversation.


Toni, confirmed that even though Shane might think that Steffi is in his alliance, that is actually not the case.

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Both Toni and Phil agreed that they would try and split the vote at the next tribal council, but they would try to get the majority of the two tribes to vote for Shane.

Toni suggested that Phil convince Palesa and Dino to write down Danté’s name while she gets Tejan, Steffi, Killarney and Felix to write down Shane’s name.

Phil agreed with the Shane vote but suggested that instead of splitting the vote between Shane and Danté, they split it between Shane and Meryl, as, according to Phil, Danté leans on Meryl in the game.

They agreed that this would be the best approach and therefore decided to write down Shane’s name as the next person to be voted out in an attempt to qualify to receive the half idol after the next tribal council.

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Meanwhile, back at camp, while Toni and Phil were at The Outpost, Shane found a hidden immunity idol. Can Toni and Phil convince their alliances to vote for Meryl and Shane? Is Shane going to play his idol? Find out in the next episode of Survivor SA: Return of the Outcast.

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