Tribe Swap – Survivor SA

Tribe Swap – Survivor SA.. After almost two weeks, we meet the new tribes after the much-anticipated tribe swap.


Tribe Swap - Survivor SA

We saw it happen early on in Season 8 and once again the castaways anticipated a tribe swap on the horizon. A few existing alliances made it through, but with so many strong personalities in both tribes, we are eager to see how the new alliances are going to develop.

Here are the new tribes.


Originally the post-merge boots.

  • Steffi – originally Masu
  • Pinty – originally Yontau
  • Killarney – originally Yontau
  • Felix – originally Yontau
  • Tejan – originally Masu
  • Toni – originally Masu
  • Thoriso – originally Yontau
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Originally the pre-merge boots

  • Shane – originally Masu
  • Dino – originally Yontau
  • Marian – originally Masu
  • Phil – originally Yontau
  • Dante – originally Masu
  • Palesa – originally Masu
  • Meryl – originally Masu
  • Shona – originally Yontau

Join us to see how these new tribes navigate the challenges.

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