“True Story” is in no way a comedy-Kevin harts says

“True Story” is in no way a comedy-Kevin harts says

True Story
“True Story” is in no way a comedy-Kevin harts says—

In June, he wowed audiences with his emotional Netflix drama “Fatherhood.” Now he goes a step further with the limited series “True Story,” which is available on the
giant beginning Wednesday.

In the show, Hart plays Kid, the biggest comic in the world who is on the cusp of being a huge movie superstar thanks to his latest blockbuster that’s about to gross $1 billion dollars. But after a night out with his sketchy older brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes) in their hometown of Philadelphia, he’s now stuck trying to cover up a murder while in the middle of a stand-up comedy tour.

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“True Story” is in no way a comedy. In fact, the show, created by “Narcos” showrunner Eric Newman, is a glimpse into how someone as famous as Hart navigates everyday life, which includes dealing with tabloids, super fans, and the occasional racist.

Hart explained over a recent phone call with news why he used this project to get some things off his chest, how he convinced Wesley Snipes to be involved, and the racist encounters he’s had that inspired a moment in the show.

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